Access / VBA question - Report Control object

For a project at work I need to create a report from an Access database. There should be a separate list for each project. As projects come and go, the program I wrote reads out the list of projects from the database itself.

Now I want to compile a report which consists of a subreport for each team.
I already designed the subreport and now I just have to find a way to put it into the report once for each team.

There is a method called CreateReportControl to create an object in a report. Unfortunately you can’t create a report control object with this method.

Does anybody have an idea how I should go about this?

It would probably be easier to find a way to get your data all into a single table or query, with a column identifying the team, then set up your report so that team is the top grouping level; you can make each group come out on a separate page.

Maybe I’m misreading you, but are you saying that each project has a separate table (but with similar structure to the others)?