Accident with nail gun

Don’t try this at home

If this happens to me, don’t try to rescue me, just shoot me in the head.

Okay, I don’t even HAVE testicles and some phantom part of me is trying to retreat into my body!


Oh. Oh, oh. Ow. Oh, wow, ouch, Og damn. Ow.


Jeez. Holy.

I think my boys just moved into my armpits.


The little one or the big one?

I have nothing to add except that your username makes this story even funnier. :slight_smile:

I shot the ball, and the ball won.

I don’t think I’m ever going to step foot in a Home Depot again.

They didn’t mention how hot the roof was. It may have been worse for them, because of the frying heat of the roof. Nailed by the balls to a hot tin roof. Ow. Did they use a claw hammer to pull the nail from the roof?

Let’s see…how could someone make this mental picture worse… :eek:

Oh, easily. Imagine the roof is mostly flat and had just been tarred.


The roof is steep, and the man is so surprised when the nail goes in, he loses his balance and falls off the roof.

by trying to imagine why anyone would repair the roof nekkid in the first place? :wink:

I thank you in advance for the nightmares I will have tonight. :eek:

Thanks a lot.

My testicles have just started building a panic room in my ribcage.

… directly into an inconveniently-placed vat of lemon juice.

My husband gave me the most hideous stink-eye when I showed him that article. He wouldn’t even speak to me for five minutes.

When he’d regained his voice, he said, “How 'bout I go find an article about some woman who got her boobs stuck in a PAPER SHREADER. Huh?”

Seeing as I am still nursing a toddler, I asked him how this would be different from my regular life. :stuck_out_tongue:

How about attempted suicide by nail gun? With 12 nails!

see, I knew there was a logical explanation…

see, I knew there was a logical explanation…