Accidental factory reset on Android

I know all the thing on Android can be removed after factory reset ,it’s really bad,i hope they can still be recovered ,or that is a pipe dream .

I’m not sure if this is a legitimate question, but I think it’s possible to give it a legitimate answer.

Android is designed to operate in sync with Cloud services. In many cases, if the settings were configured correctly to begin with, and if the user remembers their own Google / GMail credentials, most elements can be recovered:
[ul][li]Any apps you had installed: go to Google Play Store, open the menu and select “My apps and games” (not sure about the English wording).[/li][li]The list of contacts.[/li][li]E-mail from GMail and most other providers, although you may lose some mail if you’re using a POP3 account.[/li][li]Pictures, if Google Photos synchronisation was activated.[/li][li]Any Google Docs.[/li][li]Anything that is stored in a Cloud account, for instance your playlists on Spotify or the files you keep in DropBox, OneDrive, etc.[/ul][/li]
Some manufacturers, such as Samsung, offer an additional Cloud backup system that covers some content that Google doesn’t.

Things you would probably lose unless you took some active steps to preserve them:
[ul][li]Most cryptocurrency wallets (Bitcoin, etc.).[/li][li]SMS history in most cases.[/li][li]Call history in most cases.[/ul][/li]
If your phone or tablet has an add-on flash memory card, its contents should still be there after a factory reset.

I am wodering if i can restore something back after reset phone ,it the Android doesn’t sync with the Cloud services (Or without backup),is there any possible?

If it hasn’t synched, then no.

Some carriers have the call and SMS history saved, so that might be retrievable.

There are programs that claim to recover data from Android phones. Here’s one at random, I haven’t tried it personally. Presumably, the longer you use the phone after a reset, the less data will be recoverable because the flash memory space gets overwritten.

OMG ,I’m going to hell :eek:

Ok , thank you guys ,i will install and teast it on my computer .

To solve the data recovery problem, first it depends on how your data was deleted, and then look at how you restored them.

I have test , the deleted data can be restoed back within 10 days.

Does this mean it’s not safe to resell my Android tablet/phone after a simple factory reset? Is there a way to wipe the memory completely?