Accordian Rock is cool!

OK, these are four words I thought would go together like chocolate covered olives, however I have been converted…Behold!

And the video is pretty cool too!
Chocolate covered olives, however, are still gross.

They Might Be Giants have been rocking the accordion for quite some time now.

Those Darn Accordions-Whole Lotta Love, Black Dog. Fun band.

Beat me to it. Originally they were just accordion, guitar and a backing tape.

If anyone ever needs someone to talk about TMBG with for a good 10 hours or so, I’m your man.

Brave Combo has been playing rock, polkas, various Latin styles (including Tejano polkas) & everything else for years, now. And accordions are heavily featured. Here’s the Brave Combo Accordion Book!

Every September, San Antonio hosts the International Accordion Festival. Not all the genres are Rock, but they all *do *Rock!

Ages ago I went to a big party event in what was then East Germany…mostly people in their 20’s attended.

At one bar they had live entertainment - it was three guys with accordions. They played music from Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Who…and to say it was bizarre would be an understatement. Still, it was a night I will never forget and I was simply fascinated.
BTW, the old joke from back in those days:

“What is the definition of an optimist?”
“An accordion player with a beeper.”

Any talk of accordion rock has to include The Pogues!

Welcome to the dark side.

May I serve you some DeVotchka?

Or Gogol Bordello?

If you dig that, try searching whatever music service you like for a little compilation album called “Gypsy Beats and Balkan Bangers” (there’s a couple of them, actually). But be warned…


OK, I listen to and really like TMBG, The Pogues and Gogol Bordello but I never really thought of them as Rock, per se. TMBG is in a class all its own, and I always thought of GG and Pogues as more punk. I’ll check out the other links though.


Celtas Cortos.

Ignorance Fought! I’ve heard DeVotcha without realizing and Those Darn Accordians are awesome! Brave Combo is almost more Zydeco, which is a whole different class of awesomeness! If that doesn’t make your feet tap you might as well audition for the Walking Dead as a walker.
I guess you could kind of throw Paul Simon in with the Graceland album though I don’t really think of that as Rock in the traditional sense.
I’m going to look at more of Celto Cordas as well, I like it, Gypsy Kings meets the Pogues…