Account difficulties

My husband, Nanook Of The North Shore, isn’t able to log on - he keeps getting the message that his account is disabled, even though he should be paid up.

He suspects there’s been some chaos because he recently changed the email address associated with his account. If someone in the know could email me (email in the profile should be fine) so I can pass information on to him, that would be peachy keen.


Whenever you change your email address or your password the system will put the account into a temporary security holding queue. Then it should send you a confirmaiton email (just like when you first signed up). The idea being that you should get said confirmation email, open it up, and trigger the url inside it. That moves the account back into the member database and you’re good to go.

Sometimes the email goes astray. Sometimes the address is bad.

More often than not these days the confirmation email goes to the spam filter, where it sits lonely and unknown. And the account doesn’t work.

I had to go look at the account anyway, so I manually moved it back to the member database. Nanook should be good to go now.

Thanks! I’ll let him know (since he’s blocked from reading the Dope at work - the poor guy).

Actually I can visit here from work :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Tuba for correcting it. I don’t have any sort of spam blocker on my e-mail, so I have no idea why it wouldn’t show up. Unless it tried to go to my old address, which was dead at the time I changed addys in the system.

Sometimes the hamsters eat the email.

Glad you’re all straightened out now. :slight_smile:

Whose turn was it to feed them LAST week?? Hmmmm? :dubious: