A friend wants to join us. But is having problems.

She forgot the password. Dope management has offered to send her an email to reset. But, she says it never arrives.

Can anything be done? If so, how?


PM Tuba Diva.

There may be a spam filter problem, but Tuba is the place to start.

Well, if that is the case then checking her spam folder would be the place to start.

Gracias. Calling the tuba now.

Yes, she needs to look at her spam filter. Some ISPs think “webmaster@straightdope.com” is trying to spam 'em.

I can also look at the account and see if there’s anything going on there.

your humble TubaDiva

And I thought this thread was going to be about an upcoming threesome. :smiley:

Well, it could be. She is a liberal.

So how’d this place get the reputation for being a spammer?
I used to get the newsletter but that just stopped one day. Had a filter set to put it in its own folder before the spam filter fired up.

I doubt if it’s reputation so much as some algorithm that thinks something in “straightdope” is perhaps questionable, or that never allows emails from webmasters.

Not exactly sure, but we do send out a weekly mailing; that by itself seems to be enough for some ISPs to think we’re up to no good.

I’ll ask management to look into this issue for you, you should be getting it every week. Sorry for your inconvenience.

your humble TubaDiva

We also send out a big blast of renewal notices around the time when everyone’s charter memberships are due to expire. These obviously aren’t spam, but a sudden blast of e-mails is characteristic of a spammer. I can see how some ISPs might get triggered by that.

I used to be one of the tech guys in a small school district. Some of the school board members complained that they weren’t getting important emails from the superintendent. They all got their internet service from the same locally owned small ISP. My supervisor called the owner and was told that their mail server was configured to reject anything that had ten or more recipients as spam. And it wasn’t sent to a spam folder - it was just wished away into the corn field. And no, they wouldn’t whitelist us, not even at the customers request. The supe ended up having to send separate emails to the ones that used that ISP.

Ditto. I haven’t received any emails from “webmaster@straightdope.com” since 12/31/2016, much less a weekly newsletter. I just checked my spam folder as well, and found nothing from the SDMB in there, either.

I stopped receiving subscription renewal reminders some time ago, too.

robby, I haven’t heard back from the techs yet but I did tweak things a little bit. Please let me know if you see a mailing tomorrow.

your humble TubaDiva

Thanks, Jenny (TubaDiva)! I just got a mailing that was sent early this morning. FWIW, it’s from a different email address (and domain) than the webmaster address.

It should say something like “suntimesmail.com” or something similar.

Our corporate parent, the Chicago Sun-Times. Perfectly legit.

Glad you’re back to getting the mailing.

your humble TubaDiva

There was a newsletter?

There’s a weekly Straight Dope mailing that gives you a heads up on some of what we’re featuring this week.

You can sign up for it on the Straight Dope front page, look for “Join Our Mailing List!” to get in on it.