No Longer Getting E-Mail Notifications Of Answers?

Can someone tell me what to check or uncheck?



User CP>Edit Options>Default Thread Subscription Mode

Choose from the drop down menu

Thanks, runner pat! I wasn’t scrolling down far enough! :slight_smile:


Hmmmm. Still not working for me, and I chose Instant E-Mail Notitification and saved everything.

For instance I didn’t get the last Secret Santa post…

Anyone else having this problem? Might it be my server (IE7), maybe



Test post.

I subscribed to this thread and making a 2nd test post.

ETA: didn’t work for me, either.

Any news on this malfunction?

I keep checking my User CP to see if anything’s amiss, but there doesn’t seem to be…



Don’t know why it’s not working.

We have changed no settings.

Have you looked in your spam filter? Are they getting to you at all?

We’ve also had problems in the past with people’s ISPs deciding “” was a spammer and blocking access at the company level.

Can you contact your ISP and see if the Dope has somehow become blacklisted on your site?

If that is the case you can ask them to take us off – they won’t listen to us, it has to come from you – and get this turned around.


SPAM filter immediately rejects anything it considers spam, and sometimes, I have found notifications in my TRASH bin (not for a few months, though), and I have received NO e-mail notifications in my IN-BOX since the time I made the OP.

Straight Dope is in my approved CONTACTS list, and I have since set SPAM filter to remove spam once a week instead.

Maybe that will solve the problem.



Okay. I just added the “webmaster” address to CONTACTS, so let’s see if THAT was the prob.



Sure. I’m sorry you’re having this problem.

Runner pat, what can we do for you? Is anyone else having this problem?


Thanks, TD!!! :slight_smile:



For any of you having this problem please add “” to your list of approved contacts. That’s the email address for Straight Dope mailings of all kinds, including email notifications and the weekly Straight Dope informational mailing.

Thank you for hanging in with us on this, Quasi. Sorry you got overlooked before, wasn’t intentional.

Don’t you know I’m ALWAYS “hanging wit’cha” TD? :):):slight_smile:

Sometimes I have to be called 3 times to come down for dinner! :wink:


I got an email on this post but not the others.

Tuba, I don’t use email notification anyway. I just set it up for this thread to help out Quasi.

Runner pat, that is . . . strange.

I hate mysteries.

I can tell you that we have changed nothing on our end in the way of settings. So why is this happening?

I’m pretty sure you don’t get a notification for your own posts. And normally you don’t get a notification for every new post. You get one notification when someone makes a new post, and then don’t receive any further notices until you check the thread again. My notification emails include this:

I just got notified so it seems to be working.