Acer monitor flashes logo instead of starting up

My Acer AL 2216W widescreen LCD monitor is misbehaving. When I turn on my system, the Acer logo appears, then the screen flashes and turns off along with the green LED on the power switch. Then the Acer logo displays again and the cycle repeats indefinitely. I often have to restart the computer numerous times before the display operates normally. Any suggestions?

When you say “the Acer logo” are you talking about something that the monitor itself produces, or would this be the bootup screen from your computer?

New monitor.

Cheapest fix? Grab a new monitor cable and swap out the old one.

It could be a computer issue and not the monitor.

Move your monitor to another PC, and its monitor to yours. We need to see if the problem moves with the monitor or stays with the PC. If the former, yes it’s probably broken. If the latter it’s probably the video card.

The monitor’s itself (looks nothing like the computer’s bootup screen).

Sounds to me like either your monitor/video cable or your video card. If your monitor is receiving an intermittent signal, this is probably a loose connector or fault in the cable. I would try swapping out your monitor, video card, and video cable one at a time until you can isolate the faulty item.

Does that have multiple input sources? (VGA / DVI / other) ?

It might just be set to look at the wrong video source. Not all monitors auto-detect and switch (and the ones that do are annoying).

Is the power to the monitor always on (and it goes to standby when the computer is off), or does turning the computer on also turn on the monitor? (And relatedly, is the monitor power plugged into the computer power supply or a separate outlet?)

Because the symptoms described sound to me like the monitor is getting its power interrupted – my monitor only shows the logo when it’s first powered on. If I turn the computer on and off, the monitor will go black and/or show ‘No Signal’ when the computer is off and then show the computer boot-up when the computer is back on, but it never shows the monitor logo. The symptoms don’t sound to me like a monitor signal cable issue.

So, I’d check the power supply to the monitor, make sure it’s not loose anywhere. And if it’s plugged into the computer power supply, I’d move the plug to a separate outlet (and begin looking for a replacement computer case power supply).

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I imagine it does have something to do with the power supply, but it’s odd that it seems to turn on and off so rhythmically. I would think that if it were caused by, say, a loose connector, it would happen at irregular intervals.

I agree it’s strange, unless it’s plugged into the computer case outlet (or maybe even a second socket on the wall outlet that the computer is plugged into, or the same power strip). In which case, weird fluctuations as the computer turns on are pretty plausible.

Okay, when I try it on my roommate’s computer, I’ll also try plugging it into a different outlet with an extension cord.