Achilles' Surgery

I tore my Achilles’ at its insertion (or origin, I don’t know which is the proper term) into the calcaneus a couple of weeks ago playing tennis. I’m having surgery tomorrow. For many years, I’ve had calcium growth on the heel, which has given me some pain at the Achilles’. I use heel lifts which helps my running without pain, until recently when I increased my mileage to train for a marathon. While playing tennis, I tore the tendon. My orthopedist said that the bone growth had nothing to do with the tear. But I think it did. The extra bone caused the tendon to attach at a greater angle, putting more stress on it. Plus the fact that I’ve stretched it religiously probably was contraindicated. I’d like another opinion, please.

But what I’m really interested now (since that’s history) is the surgery tomorrow. I can ask my surgeon tomorrow but I’m impatient. Will I get general or regional anesthesia? Also, how does he re-attach the tendon to the bone? Does he use a special glue? Also he said I’d be in a non-weight bearing cast for six weeks. What can I do with that cast? Obviously I won’t be able to run. Will I be able to swim? Will I be able to do Nautilus as long as I avoid the calf machines?

Finally, I will need to use crutches, so I’ve been practicing today, but I have a question on the proper use. Do I use both crutches together, or alternate crutches in a normal walking gait.