Acid Flash Backs

What about gel acid. We used to take orange, and green gel acid. It was some of the “best” stuff around. It was these little plastic pouches and you would bite them and drink the gel.

Or what about LSD25. That was some crazy stuff.

Do you think that your choice of acid may have something to do with flashbacks?

I’ve always heard of the strychnine thing or rat poison or something…it always made my jaw clamp up and my back really sore. As for doobage–I always smoked it during a trip because it would take the speedy edge off. I think if for some reason I ever decided to take acid again I would have to have a “fat sack of kind bud” (I just really wanted to work that in somehow…)
I don’t know about flashbacks. I think it’s just a case of “opening the doors of perception” so you’re more open minded to seeing freaky shit. I do get trailers when stoned but I remember that from high school before I ever dropped acid. We’d move our cigaretees around in the dark and try to write things that other people could read…

Myth, myth, myth.

The so-called “speedy” effects of less-than high quality acid are the result of age or improper storage.

Hmm… maybe this explains Harold Gray’s inspiration for Little Orphan Annie’s gaping eyesockets.

Where are you getting your info from, Dude? You seem a bit authoritative, but you’re not providing any backup. I would appreciate some. Thanks.

My year or so spent in occasional experimentation led me to read up a little in organic chemistry. I seem to remember reading that strychnine and indoleproprione (one of the building blocks for LSD) were closely related chemically and the process of making acid could result in some strychnine being produced.
Keep in mind I read this some seven years ago and I was way in over my head as soon as I opened the orgo textbook, so… chemistry boffins invited to comment.

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Re: the strychnine thing

It is conceivable to me that the breakdown of LSD could result in something akin to strychnine, tho I doubt it would be anything that posed any actual danger, because my drug bible A Primer for Drug Action by Dr. Robert M. Julien doesn’t mention that and says “LSD is known to possess a low-level of toxicity”

Without going into it too much, let’s just say that I have had some knowledge of LSD and then had knowledge of the same batch of LSD at a substantially later time, and could see that age can account for the well-known differences between mellow and “speedy” acid.

Thank you, Dude, for “myth, myth, myth.” I’ve always thought the Strychnine Story was suspect. Excellent example of UL becoming self-fulfilling. Now, I will say that SOME acid(maybe 1 out of 25) was bitter…usually microdot, only once blotter. Always inferior. Don’t know if it was poorly made, poorly stored, or just something other than LSD. The best acid (which I assume was LSD25, the REAL thing) was tasteless, never speedy, VERY visual and emotionally euphoric, spiritual, etc…ahhh, the good ol’ days! I miss that sometimes. I always liked 'shrooms, too. Very similar to the good acid.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed above in no way imply that illegal…wow…look at how the letters leave tracers…oh wow…so cool…~~~~~!~@#$%^&()_evkgmvoE!#^&(4

Oh, yeah…the vitamin thing. We always thought B vitamins made for better tripping. Aren’t they vital for nerve/brain cell functioning? Didn’t hurt, anyway. One more thing…the really good acid, no matter how strong, allowed you to sleep after 8 hours or so if you were really tired…wild dreams and you may still be trippy when you wake up, but restful sleep, nonetheless.

Thanks for the info. I did go to high school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - that would explain all the rank acid I must have taken.

Just out of curiosity Mel where in Milwaukee was this. I can understand in some parts you probably just got paper or asprin or something (same places where people got shot for looking at someone wrong. really, no shit). Although if you look in the right places you shouldn’t have a prob.

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Sorry, I didn’t realize you lived in Milw! Perhaps things are different now - I was 15 years old then (I’m 25 now) - I hung out with my friends Jesse, Nathaniel and John on Brady Street, mostly at The Island Cafe. The local bums (Pauly and Jacques) would buy us 64 oz. bottles of Private Stock and we would take (the now realized) shitty acid and terrorize the lakefront. Once they got some liquid acid - I took two hits, that was pure liquid evil. I think that was the last time I did acid - 9 years ago. Jesse’s parents were drug dealers, that’s probably where he got the goods from. It was definetly acid, but as the previous posts have mentioned, it was probably really old and crummy. I don’t think I want to do any more acid though, Joey! I really hated living in Milwaukee but I do miss Conejito’s, the video games at Landmark, The Odd Rock and Earwaves (the latter two are now gone).

LSD has a half life of three hours in the average human body - there is no unmetabolized LSD after twelve hours for practically any dosage. Trips can last longer than this though, because (surprise) LSD seriously fucks up your mind. All the stuff about OJ, Vitamin B etc is all placebo. Myself I found I never really stopped tripping till I went to sleep (although the euphoria and visuals were gone after 8-12 hours). What does all this mean? It means the flash-back is pretty well regarded as myth. Psychologists will tell you that you can have flashbacks as a result of any emotionally tramatic event, but this is not what people mean by an LSD flashback. People mean you start tripping again. Its hard to get a reliable reading on this, because frankly acid heads are not reliable people. I say this, as a former acid head. Chemically speaking, there is no way you could start tripping again. Perhaps its possible however that your brain can slip into this mode of thought - but I wouldn’t really call it a flashback.

As far as strychnine, Storming Heavens (a must read if you want the closest thing to the straight dope on LSD) reports that you cannot saturate blotter with enough strychnine to make your tongue wiggle. Strychnine starts to get you off in dosages slightly higher than cocaine. Even if it could have some effect, you wouldn’t notice after the 30-50 mics of LSD hit you.

Joey: with all respect the girl was not tripping after twelve hours or so. I have had a similar experience myself - after four days I smoked a bit of pot, and actually got high for the first time in days, and I sure as hell realized the difference. It doesn’t matter if you’ve tripped 100 times, this shit fucks up your brain till you don’t know whats real. No matter how many times you do it, you can still get suckered into believing something crazy.

LSD slightly burns your serotonin receptor pathways. Occational use (every few months/years) will allow the pathways to repair pretty quick, but much repeated use can cause the pathways damage. The damage surfaces as flashbacks. Flashbacks are like having mini-LSD trips, but are not as strong as really tripping. If you have flashbacks that are as strong as the original trip it’s likely that you have a mental illness. I used to be a druggie and I had problems with flashbacks when I was younger (they are annoying, and I got them often), and it took a little over a year for them to subside. I’f I did LSD again it would probably be once every 5/10 years.

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