Acid Flash Backs

I’ll admit it. I did a few drug wneh I was younger, and didn’t have kids. Ok, I did allot of drugs. I always heard people talk about acid flash backs, but I’ve never actually met anyone who had one. Have you guys ever known anyone that’s had a flashback or is this just an old wives tale?

no this is real. although i’m told it is rare, i have had one or two flash backs. usualy when i am realy tired or i am bored. once i was sitting in class and the chalkboard started to melt off the wall, another time the professor seemed to be standing about 3 feet off the floor. the flash backs are not as vivid as the orriginal “trip” but they are quite alarming. allways, i have realized what it was and been able to make it go away, but for about a min. and a half i was back in high school.

i haven’t had them in about 6 months but when they do come, i know what they are. most people that i talk to (my friends from high school) haven’t had them but i used it more than they did.

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I’m havin’ one now. Kapwinggggggg!!!

Extremely mild and very uncommon, usually taking the form of things like a sudden awareness of how that little shadow sticks out from the surface that way, or how shadows sometimes have a shape and density and pearly color all their own, or how certain natural shapes explode from their natural center like a mathematically perfect fractal kaleidoscope. And that opaquely electric shimmering!

(At least, that’s what I’ve heard anyway.)

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If I’ve stayed up something on the order of 24 hours straight (which I still do very rarely), rainbow streaks flutter over everything… it’s cool, except I’m way too tired to appreciate it. :slight_smile:

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Ah… so thats what they were

Many of my friends and I “experimented” rather heavily with such substances, and nobody I have talked to has either had a “flashback” or has ever heard any reliable stories about them. For what it’s worth …

I have a friend that had eaten a quarter sheet (25 hits) over the course of a weekend. Well the following friday when she was at work she cracked her back (she had twisted her body to crack her neck and her whole back craked and the same thing when she twisted the other way, she said that had never happend before) and about an hour later when she didn’t feel very good she went to the bathroom and noticed her pupils where dialeted. She said from then on for the next three days she was tripping. All though she could still sleep and apparently function okay at school and work. So I don’t know what the deal is with that.
BTW one thing she did say to me afterwards (I met her about 2 years after this happend) was “Boy you’d think a permatrip would be fun but it’s not” As much as she LOVES taking acid she said that the experince was horrible.

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There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings about this whole deal.

Altered perception is very common, yet once someone takes LSD, altered perception from other things often reminds the person of their experiences on LSD. Experience with LSD can also make one more capable of hallucinating voluntarily. That’s probably a psychological effect rather than a chemical one.

I think that it is very significant that most stories about flashbacks involve either taking some drug, or involve some other potentially mind altering experience, such as heavy exertion or illness.

The heavy exertion factor has lead to the myth that LSD can be stored in your system and later released by heavy activities. It just ain’t so. And remaining traces (like in your spinal fluid) would be far too small to account for any effects down the road.

I’ll betcha that if she would have taken some acid on day 2, she would have realized that she had definitely not been tripping.

I’ve had several friends who have talked themselves into the idea that they were tripping, when they weren’t.

Wheather she was or was not tripping she sure as hell thought she was for those three days. And this is the girl who has tripped probably well over 100 times so she knows the difference between tripping and not tripping. Although I had previosly thought that flass backs were always psycological you’d think that in the 3 days she woulda been able to talk her self back down. The only think I think of is that 25 hits in 2 days is a pretty large dose and it MUST have something to do with that. Either some of it hadn’t been ‘digested’ yet or the expierence was very mind-blowing therefore she had a sort of ‘after shock.’ I think it may have something to do with that. She also smokes a lot of pot and she may have smoked before or during work, which may have brought it on.

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Pot is definitely hallucinogenic on its lonesome. It is often classified as a hallucinogen rather than a sedative. Also lots of people,…

::sheepishly admits::

… myself included, can attest that for some reason the experience of taking pot after having had previous LSD experiences is far more hallucinogenic.

I had taken LSD about three or four times before I tried MDMA (ecstasy) and then about a month later I had taken acid again and noticed that I could definaty feel the X coming back (anybody ever heard of candyflipping, teen hippie). The other thing is that if you ask just about anyone who has taken acid, even if they don’t have ‘flashbacks’ they probably still see trails on everything (somedays they’re more obvious then others) esp when stoned.
BTW does anyone know why it seems that the permanent trails that I’ve been left with seem to be much more definate on somedays.

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A lot of myth and some reality. Any powerfully emotional experience can recur as a “flashback” if it is triggered (physically/emotionally, consciously/unconsciously); consider PTSD. Also, I think the tripping experience makes us more AWARE of things we normally would not notice: optical illusions, for instance. Thus acid can allow us to see the world differently long after it is out of our bodies. Finally, I am certain that smoking some good weed on the tail-end of a trip can kick it back in somewhat…at least it used to work for me. Oddly, smoking while peaking did not seem to have any boosting effect.

Disclaimer: These statements do not necessarily reflect any actual use of illegal substances by the Hippie from Tennessee.

Another thing that I noticed is that pot will ALWAYS ‘kickstart’ a trip. I found that if I smoke a bowl about an hour after I take the acid I’ll be full-fledeged tripping right away.

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ok, on the matter of kick starting a trip, we always used orange juice. For some reason after we peaked we would go down to 7-11 and get some orange juice or Sunny D and we would be right back up there for a few more hours. Has any one else ever done this?

I took a lot of drugs when I was a teenager and I definetly have had flashbacks (2 come to mind). They are not as intense as the trip itself, but they definetly simulate the experience of an acid trip. Also, I believe drugs are stored in fat, not in the spinal fluid. One surefire way to get a flashback is to get a shiatsu massage (preferably at Fuji Shiatsu in San Francisco). The first time I had one, I was sick for hours. Three weeks ago I was thrown from a horse and again, I began hallucinating. The reason that I belive that these instances were flashbacks (as opposed to a meditative state or a concussion) was because all I could taste was strychnine (sp?) and I “came down” within a few hours. In the instance of the horse a few weeks ago, despite being in excruciating pain (bruised kidney/back), I was laughing hysterically and being a complete moron. I think women may have an advantage (more fat = more storage) and quantity and frequency may help. Few of my former druggie friends have had them, but belive me, people do experience them.

Oh boy, you had to bring up the strychnine thing. What do you mean you could taste it? Could you taste it when you took acid. That wouldn’t make sense. They don’t put it in blotters. They only thing that strychnine MIGHT be in is pills, which you swallow.
And as for the orange juice. After my peak is over I like to eat Vitamin C tablets. They done seem to make me peak again but they bring back on a slightly different more mild type of visual.

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Whenever I took acid (liquid or paper) I tasted strychnine - heavily. My jaw would always clamp up or my teeth would chatter. My friends told me it was the strychnine - who was I to doubt them? I have never tasted that same bitterness when not on acid or flashback mode.

I have never tasted anything bitter. In fact all the acid I’ve taken (all blotter) has been pretty much tasteless. And always about 20 mins before the trip started (amongst other things like hyperness and giddiness) my jaw would clamp, my muscles tensed and it is very hard to open and close my hands. But that’s not neccisarily strichnine. Think about how powerful of a drug you’re taking. Anything that can do to your brain what acid does is bound to have effects elsewhere in your body. And how do you know that it’s strichnine that your tasting, it could just be something else on the paper.

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I taste a bitterness every time. I haven’t taken acid in about 8 years, maybe it was different back then. Who knows, maybe it’s not strychnine - I was told that it was. Why do all of the threads on this entire site turn into word definitions? Very frustrating.