Ack! Eeeeee! Phooey!

Just in case you were wondering, the absolute nastiest puke you have ever smelled (and had to dump out of your pants pockets) come from two year old children who have just eaten sour pickles, boiled eggs and whole grain bread with butter.
DO NOT try this at home, folks!


What was it doing in your pockets?

It ran down the front of my shirt from my shoulder and into my pockets.
I don’t know if I’ll ever eat hard boiled eggs again.

Well, hopefully not those eggs.

Arrrgh! I just discovered that MicroFurd had cottage cheese with the other stuff. Mrs. Furd is gonna get bit when she gets back from choir practice! And I know a really good, juicy spot to bite, too.


The thread title reminded me of the sound I make when I’m out for a run and accidentally inhale a bug.

This is much, much worse. The horror!