Ack! Help with repairing possibly corrupt MP3 files?

I have some MP3s that Windows Media Player (version 9, latest update) will not play, instead giving me the error “The parameter is incorrect.” I tried a free product by AShampoo that is supposed to be able to detect and repair corrupt or damaged MP3 files, but it seems to think they are just fine. I have also tried to convert them to other formats, such as .wav with similar nonresults. Anyone know how to fix these?

You could try loading them up into a sound file editor, I use the one that comes with Ahead’s Nero. If they’ll load and play correctly you can then save them as MP3 or WAV.

I have Nero. I’ll give that a shot, thanks.

Nope, that’s not it. The files are typical MP3 song length, about 3 to 5 MB, but there’s only about a second or so of sound in them, according to Nero’s editor. It seems the data that tells the player about length and other parameters is messed up. Anyone know how to edit that?

Load it into an audio editor
Change the bit depth or sample rate
Save it back again.

Feh. Tried that too, and all it did was distort what was there already. I think it may be hopeless.