MP3's a No-Go (not a sharing Q)

First off, it only reads as a removable drive. Which is kind of cool, except that I cant move playlists over, or can I? Is there a tool that will allow me to copy an entire winamp playlist to it?
Second, there are some that refuse to play properly on the thing. They just come out all garbled. Is this a common problem? Is there a fix to it other than re-ripping or re-encoding?

Damn, the hamsters ate my first post, so I tried to back up and cut and paste it, but it lost the first half. The first half should read:
So I got a really great deal on an MP3 player, and long story short, I wound up with one of those flash drives that plays MP3s instead of the one I wanted. I have two questions, and since there is not manufacturer listed, I come here.

Well… what’s the common denominator for the munged mp3s? (Check the bitrate/sampling rate on them with something like Winamp). Some players can’t handle too high/too low a bitrate and will sound odd.

As for playlists, I don’t see a 128M flash unit supporting playlists… especially ones generated by something other than it.

I suggest you post the name of this player - that should help diagnostics a lot.

I know it won’t support playlists, I was curious as to whether there was a program that would export a playlist. The problem is that it doesnt have a name. It was what they sent me in return for the out of stock defective model. And since I used a coupon I couldnt get all of my money back, so this was the better option. Umm… It can be seen here