I'm having trouble getting an MP3 player to work

I got a 128MB Craig MP3 player that didn’t come with an installation CD. So I used yahoo music engine instead to transfer files. I hooked it up via the USB cable and it shows the MP3 player as a portable storage unit. I can also transfer songs onto the unit because the yahoo music engine says ‘120.2 MB drive capacity’ and under that it says 'free space XX.X MB". As I transfer songs onto the player the amount of free space listed on the music engine software goes down so I’m sure songs are transferring. The MP3 player shows a diagram of a computer and the player connected, so I’m assuming it knows they are connected. But after I take the player off the computer it says ‘no file’ on the player. When I plug it back in it shows the songs I put on it still being there though. If I download 5 songs that are 20 MB it still shows them on the portable device, but the device says ‘no file’ and it won’t do anything when I press play.

I’m using windows XP.

I can get the voice recording aspect to function, but not file transfer. I can record my own voice and listen to it. So the player seems to work but I don’t know what is wrong with file transfer. Perhaps some kind of memory formatting problem, but I reall don’t know.

Some older flash devices (and perhaps some new ones) can get messed up if they’re formatted by a Microsoft OS. (I have two 128M SmartMedia cards that aren’t recognized in either my camera or my Mp3 player after being formatted that way).

Try having the player format the card, and then transfer the files again.