Acne or fat?

Today I saw a young woman on the bus. She had a smokin’ body but severe acne which got me wondering which I’d rather have, hot body and bad acne or perfect skin and 100 lbs over weight?

Being overweight would affect a lot- athletic ability, energy levels, general health, comfort while travelling, options for buying clothes, sleep quality, etc. Acne would just be a looks thing. Plus, you generally grow out of acne, but being overweight is often a lifelong struggle.

I haven’t voted yet because I’m really not sure. I tend to look at people’s faces more than their bodies. I would feel so self conscious if I had severe acne. But carrying around so much extra weight would be horrible as well. I can’t decide.

I’m not voting because I’m just not into women of any sort, but having had some pretty bad skin problems (severe enough to require surgery at one point, as related in a famous thread around here somewhere), it’s hell because some people treat you like shit and just assume you’re unclean or that you’re too lazy to deal with it. They say “you should see a doctor about that” to someone who has weekly dermatologist appointments and is struggling to find a solution to the problem. Then there was the lady who told me to pray to Jesus to take the zits away…

It’s gotten better in recent years (finally!) but I still have the occasional social issue when my skin decides weeping open sores are in fashion again. I’m also told refusing to wear make up seriously hurts my job hunting, but my dermatologist insisted that I give up wearing all make up and that has really helped… but many HR types and interviewers just assume I’m frumpy or lazy or something. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been encouraged to “just wear a little bit” but those same folks wouldn’t want to sit next to me on the bus after a serious breakout induced by “just a little bit” of make up. If I do myself up for one job interview the next day my skin erupts and takes weeks to heal. That would seriously hurt my job prospects, too, as people can be judgmental bastards.

Fortunately, I’m married to a wonderful man who can see past my skin problems and can make me feel beautiful even when half my face is covered by bandages taped over a pus-oozing canyon. I don’t know how he does it, but I am eternally grateful.

Anyhow, it does give me sympathy for the obese, as their problem isn’t easily or quickly solved, either. You know, someone not finding bad skin attractive doesn’t bother me, your romantic preferences are what they are, what pisses me off are the people who use such things to treat people badly in ALL situations.

I like fat guys anyway. And I like touching faces and I don’t know if I could do that with someone who had debilitating facial acne.

I’ll take the acne.

Crap, hit the wrong button. I’d take the acne. It’s so hard to lose weight.

I’d rather have perfect skin. I’m already fat, but I’ve found that I’m more self-conscious about my skin than my flab.

This is an easy one for me, because I’m overweight (not 100 lbs though!) with a perfect complexion. My cousin is a size 2 but with terrible acne, and nothing she’s tried over the years has been able to clear it up for her. She has bad scarring and discoloration.

She is horribly self-conscious about it and spends probably an hour every day trying to cover it up with makeup. Jr. high and high school were rough on her because the [del]cuntrag bitches[/del] other girls tormented her about it.

I’ll keep my flab and my good skin, thank you very much.

I’m not sure whether the poll is which you’d rather *be *or which you’d rather date.

But I’d prefer the acne in either case, especially if the affected person was young enough that growing out of it was a distinct possibility. **even sven **nailed the reasoning in one, as she so often does.

I’m overweight and I chose overweight. I find that there are plenty of people who are both fat and attractive, but those people also have very nice skin.

The argument that “you eventually grow out of acne but losing weight is hard” doesn’t ring true to me. I am 32 and have 3 “adult acne” zits on my face right now. When I chose my option in the poll, I was thinking about chronic adult acne not “you’ll grow out of it” acne you have when you’re 18 and everyone else you know has acne too.

I haven’t dealt with “omg pizzaface!” acne but I’ve dealt with some severe stuff and it was awful. It felt like it was never going to go away. I can’t imagine how life would be if I had what I had, but 10x more. Then after that - scarring. The worst acne I’ve ever had cropped up months before my 30th birthday.

Pretty much this. The health risks and overall effect on life-style from being very fat are indisputable, whereas the health risks from acne are minimum. In our current society, being fat, even very fat, is probably quite a bit more socially acceptable, but I’d have a hard time choosing a medium vanity difference over a large health/lifestyle difference.

Personally, I couldn’t care less what random people thought, but I very much like the health benefits of being in shape, so it’s an easy choice.

I’d rather have the acne. I do have it, actually. I’ve had acne and/or rosacea since I was a pre-teen. I’m not thrilled by it, but I’ve learned to live with it. I’m also about 20 pounds overweight and out of shape, and that bothers me a lot more than the zits.

Acne, absolutely.

I’ve pretty much been there with acne - had moderate to severe acne (non-cystic though) ages 16-23 or so. It was a personal irritation to me and certainly made me less good-looking, but it wasn’t the end of my world. I have scarring, and still get breakouts sometimes. No biggie. I somehow manage to be vain, without focusing much on my looks or worrying over my flaws. I never wore makeup over my zits or felt bad when I took them out in public.

Overweight is one thing. 100 lbs over my ideal BMI range? TOTALLY different story. Having a BMI of 41 would have an extreme negative effect on every part of my life. I would no longer be able to do many things I enjoy, I doubt I would be able to have anywhere close to my current level of fitness (which is very important to me), I would no longer have a potential career in the field I’m currently training in (fitness related), finding clothes would be a bitch - and as for my looks, I wouldn’t like being fat, and my boyfriend would leave me long before I got that big and dating can be difficult when you’re obese.

I can lose weight (or she can); no one loses acne scars.

Neither are the deal breaker. Between the ears personality & compatibility are what will make me hug her & rub my feet against her cold feet when I’m 3/4 asleep at 2AM.

If you can’t feel it in your heart & in your soul, you’re doing it wrong.

Acne. The extra weight would greatly affect working out, playing tennis, etc.

Although, if I am allowed to lose the weight, I might go with that. Since it would be an “unnatural” weight gain, like an actor getting fat for a role, I could probably lose it fairly quickly. Magical acne could be harder to eliminate.

I have a tiny scar on my face from my dance with chicken pox 12 years ago that probably nobody ever even notices and that bothers me. Having never had to deal with acne (oh, I’ve had zits, but almost certainly fewer than ten in my lifetime), I just can’t even imagine… ugh. I know a woman who is thirty and has worse acne than some of my peers did when we were teenagers. The oozing and scarring… I actually had to look at her one day and discretely* alert her to the fact that her face was bleeding. UGH.

Losing weight (back when I did) was a snap for me so I’d rather do that again than deal with even moderate acne.

  • Not that it really mattered since probably everybody else noticed it too and, I dunno, thought it rude to point it out to her? I could have been like “OMFG, your FACE is BLEEDING!” and shocked no one. Poor woman. She’s significantly overweight as well and I would almost guarantee she would choose to keep her body as is and have a nice face.

There’s a known method for losing weight (eat less and move more), but sometimes skin problems involve tinkering with meds and methods through lots of doctor visits etc. etc. til you puke. So, I’d take the weight and then lose it.

I voted for fat and flawless skin. Having oozing open sores on my face would just be way worse than being so overweight. And as Rand Rover said, there’s a sure cure for losing weight, not so with severe acne.