Acoholic samples

In states where a bartender has to be licensed, does the person giving out samples of alcohol in a store need to have a bartenders license?

I think the giving of samples of alcohol is completely illegal here in Minnesota. Possibly in other states, too. Especially likely in ones that have tighter liquor laws – like those that require bartenders to be licensed.

Don’t know about Minnesota. But Wisconsin licenses bartenders but allows stores & wineries to give up to 6 ounces of beer or wine as a sample per customer by an unlicensed individual. The samples can be more for a licensed individual. I’ll search for a cite.

Truthfully there are 50 answers to the OP.

I’m in Wisconsin. I forget the location doesn’t show in the profile anymore.

Pkbites Thanks for answering. Wisconsin requires bartenders to be licensed so I have to say your assumptions are too broad. They definitely can give out samples at stores because they do. If your state doesn’t allow samples then it’s not relevant to the question I asked.

It never used to be. I have fond memories of going through the aisles at Surdyk’s and that big liquor store on Washington (Liquor Barn? Is it still there?) and getting free samples. Last time I was there was 5-6 years ago, though, so maybe things have changed. But Minnesota definitely was one of the states where you could get free samples of liquor.

Costco tried to push through a law revision in the state of Washington that would allow for beer and wine samples to be given out free in stores. It didn’t get too far.

Oh, I think that is allowed (I call those ‘tastings’). Samples (as in small bottles that you can take home unopened) are what is not allowed.

And the old Liquor Barn space is now covered with high-priced condos.