"ACORN did absolutely nothing wrong" no longer true

ACORN Pleads Guilty to Voter Registration Fraud in Nevada

ACORN itself, the organization, was named as a criminal defendant. Not its officers or its board… the corporate entity itself was charged with criminal conduct and has pled guilty.

No one can say any longer that “ACORN did absolutely nothing wrong, and O’Keefe fabricated every single implication of it himself.” ACORN has admitted guilt.


“The defunct political advocacy group ACORN…”

Silly question from a foreigner. How can a defunct group be a defendant in a criminal case? Do they round up the last few people to leave/quit and make them sit through the trial?

And while I can see the point to criminalizing paying bonuses for registrations it seems odd to call that voter registration fraud.

Well, my nose certainly feels rubbed in it.

You’re better than this, Bricker. You really are.

Call me back when they plead guilty to pimping teenage prostitutes.

Honestly, words fail. You must be very proud of your “victory”. :rolleyes:

I was going to say that you’re better than this, Bricker, but I see that **samclem **has beat me to it.

Are you claiming that O’Keefe didn’t fabricate evidence, and that ACORN admitted guilt to claims he made?

A rather pathetic little hill to stake your flag on. Was it worth it?

Well, technically O’Keefe didn’t “fabricate” anything, but the videos were grossly misleading and did reveal some ACORN employees engaging in unprofessional behavior for which they were fired, however he certainly didn’t provide any compelling evidence of lawbreaking.

Out of curiosity, who decides whether a bankrupt organization spends money on defense or pays a fine?

Here’s a more complete news story, btw, from the date of the filing of the charges.

We can also never say “Bricker always starts thoughtful and interesting threads.”

For the “You’re better than this” crowd:

You folks (so far as I remember) stood by when “ACORN did nothing wrong!” was being trumpted. You didn’t step in to say, “Yeah, OK, ACORN did things wrong, but they didn’t do what O’Keefe accused them of.” You stood by and let ACORN discussion after ACORN discussion be ruled by the “Cite?” tactic:

Look, obviously ACORN is not perfect.


Where were you when that tactic was being employed? Were you “better than that?”

I love this place.

Cite? Cite? Cite?

OK, here’s a cite.

Really, Bricker. Must you drag all this old history up? Must you gloat? Gee, Bricker, you’re better than this.

Next time there’s a proposition in play for which everyone knows the truth, how about you step forward and say, “Yes, let’s be honest and admit it.” Because, really, I thought you were better than hanging back and not doing that.


No. I’m claiming that the statement, “ACORN did nothing wrong,” which was tossed up to derail every attempt to discuss things that ACORN did wrong, is no longer a defensible statement.

Because, you see, they did.

…did you mean to post this in the pit?

Pardon me for not knowing the history behind this, but were the statements “ACORN did nothing wrong” in reference to a particular incident or were they, as you imply here, intended to convey that the organization as a whole is as white as the driven snow and as pure as the Virgin Mary in every single action ever taken by each and every person in their employ?

To the best of my rememberance, I caught flak from some of my fellow lefties because I did admit that ACORN had problems on its voter registration side.

Also to the best of my rememberance, O’Keefe’s highly edited sting (which was, one would hope you could admit, edited to the point of not being true) did not address that issue, but instead addressed the pimping of teenage prostititutes and the murdering of husbands and the like.

I think it’s fair to interpret those who were saying “ACORN did nothing wrong,” as saying that ACORN never encouraged voter fraud. So this case does disprove that proposition, insofar as this Nevada field organizer paid his canvassers in such a way as to incentivize fraud, with the knowledge of the higher-ups, according to the criminal complaint.

So, uh, congratulations… I guess… on getting a cite on some ACORN wrongdoing. Of course, 'near as I can tell, this has absolutely diddly-squat to do with O’Keefe.

Why isn’t this in the Pit?

I fail to see the wrongdoing. Some day laborors tried to cheat ACORN. ACORN was the victim. ACORN still did absolutely nothing wrong. Sorry, but that remains a fact.