Acquired Tastes

What things did all of you dopers not like at first, but like now?

Two things come to mind for me. Samuel Adams beer and Sushi. I usually only drink Samuel Adams around the Fourth of July. Usually the fist one tastes nasty and skunky. For some reason, by the time I reach the fourth or sixth (whether it’s all in the same day or several days later), the taste begins to grow on me and I enjoy it. With sushi, I thought it was slimy and nasty at first, but now I enjoy that cold-fish taste.

You’re the second person recently to mention nasty tasting Sam Adams, and I have to say I have never had one that tasted bad. My current theory is that it doesn’t travel well, and I get fresh stuff because I live near Boston (not that they brew most of their beer here, but they sure sell enough of it so that it must not sit around long). Do you mind me asking where you are located? If you would rather not divulge than never mind.

Oh, and I found kimchee (spicy fermented Korean cabbage) to be an acquired taste, but it quickly turns into an addiction.

Not at all. I live in Dayton (southwestern Ohio).

Some people that I’ve talked to seem to think that beer in general is an acquired taste, but I liked it the first time I tried it.

[ul][li] Beer[/li][li] Coffee[/li][li] Caviar[/li][li] Eggplant[/li][li] Liver[/li][li] Licorice[/li][li] Wine[/li][li] Grapefruit[/li][li] Brazil nuts[/li][li] Stinky cheese[/li][li] Escargot[/li][li] Blood sausage[/li][li] Sweetbreads[/li][li] Chile peppers[/li][li] Rutabagas[/li][li] Turnips[/li][li] Parsnips[/li][li] Kiwi fruit[/li][li] Figs[/li][li] Pickled herring[/li][li] Wasabi[/li][li] Tofu[/li][li] Calamari[/li][li] Octopus[/li][li] Beef tendon[/li][li] Carpaccio[/li][li] Capers[/li][li] Horseradish[/li][li] Raw eggs[/li][li] Dill pickles[/li][li] Sauerkraut[/li][li] Dijon mustard[/li][li] Retsina[/li][li] Bitter melon[/li] Flaming Homers[/ul]

No where near as comprehensive as Zenster’s, and in no particular order:

  • fruit (only in the last few years…)
  • Beer
  • (mung) bean sprouts
  • zucchini
  • curry
  • ginger
  • coffee

Incidently, things I have lost a taste for:

  • McDonalds
  • Oysters

Fuller’s ESB


Women over 40

Fuller’s ESB


Women over 40

Baked/mashed potatoes

Umm… scans Zenster’s list … no not much else.

How long did that one take???

For me: Cofee and cigarettes!:smack:

To be honest, I’m not quite up to speed on the old blutwurst. I’ve had fried blood with some Asian dishes and a little Philippine dinuguan, so I tossed in the sausage for kicks. I say it counts, if only because I’m hooked on the pan scrapings that are leftover after frying a steak.

Actually, I’d have to say spicey food. I was raised on pretty bland fare, but have acquired a taste for spice. Not neccesarily Chili Pepper magazine masochism, but I can generally enjoy what the Thai restaurant waiters will warn you about.

And how the heck did I manage a double post with a nearly two hour interim?

[cue eerie synthesizer music]

Ghoooost hamsters on the prowl!


cilantro (took me forever)

I’ll also admit that cilantro took me some getting used to. Now? I couldn’t imagine eating Mexican food without it. A lot of this had to do with the fact that so many restaurants completely overdid it with the stuff.



I’d look it up, honest. Just doesn’t seem like a good thing to be googling from work.

I think Scotch is an aquired taste.

Black pudding (blood sausage) is a standard Irish breakfast fare, and to a lesser extent is eaten for breakfast in the UK, so not much time over here. It’s delicious!

I like most everything except seafood and I will NEVER acquire a taste for that.

I’ve acquired a taste for pesto. The first time I tried it, I didn’t care for it much. I have no idea why I tried it a second time but I did and now I love it.

Originally Beer and cigarettes

I hated my first beer but peer presure and all that, you know. And your first drag off of a cigarette is always nasty but it’s one of tastes/smells/sensations that I recall with crystal clarity to this day. Sure wish I’d continued to hate them.

More recently, scotch. What kind of person actually likes this gasoline tasting crap?~! Aparently me. When I want a little sweeter tasting petrol-esque libation, I go for the Bourbon.

Also Truffle oil isn’t for everyone and the same goes for cilantro, although I find these two items essential.