Acronym help - BGWIIASWIA

Well fine people, the title tells most of it. I have found an old pen that has this acronym on it:

“B G W I I A S W I A”

and search engines have failed me. Does anyone know what this could possibly stand for?

Bill Gates wants Indonesia’s islands and south west Iowa’s amphibians.

Before Greasing Wet Indians, Insert Anal Shunt Within Interior Apeture.

In case you never heard of it, you guys might like the game “Acrophobia”.

OK…maybe asking acronym questions sets me up for this. And the answers are funny thus far, don’t get me wrong here. But it would also be nice if someone really did have an answer…

OK, then, what else can you say about the pen? By “old”, do you mean that it’s a fountain pen of the sort that might be collectible? Or is it just a cheap ballpoint? Anything else on the pen, like a logo of some sort? If it’s a fountain pen, there are a fair number of people that collect them as a hobby, and you can probably find resources for identifying it:

Well, um, the first thing I have discovered is that it is not a pen at all - it appeared to be, but is instead a mechanical pencil. How dreadfully embarassing for me.

It is 1950’s/1960’s origin, and contains the following additional text:

Dave Johnson
Brown & Bigelow
Chanute, Kansas

So now…I need to find a mechanical pencil collector’s website. But seriously - the acronym appears to be a custom bit of lettering, so it may not be anything a collector’s site would know of. Maybe.

It would appear that Brown & Bigelow is a company specializing in “remembrance advertising,” i.e. stuff like promotional pens and pencils with company logos printed on them.

Perhaps “B G W I I A S W I A” is just something Dave Johnson put on some give-a-ways for his potential clients?

If it’s any help, Brown & Bigelow are big in the world of promotional products, and are still in business. You might get someone there sufficiently intrigued to look it up for you.

My WAG is that it was a sales gimmick by the company - they printed up the pencils with the slogan and dropped in the different names of their salesman. The salesman gives you the pencil and you’re supposed to ask, “What does ‘B G W I I A S W I A’ mean?” whereupon the salesman launches into his pitch. "I’m glad you asked that, little lady! It stands for “Buy Gross with 1 Imprint and Save Wildly In April!” Or something to that effect.

Rats, 2nd Law beat me by that much!

I’m not going to even say how many times I’ve seen what I just typed in the prevue box with someone else’s name on it!

Those are some pretty good ideas, actually. I will see of the company knows any more about it. If I find out, I will post here (since you may be wondering yourselves).

Thanks 2nd Law and aseymayo :slight_smile:

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It’s a gold pen(cil), or has gold lettering, right? It’s almost a cinch the acronym stands for “Buy Gold When It’s Inactive And Sell When It’s Active”.