What's a N.gi.WC.M.e.EC.FP.o.S.Dk.O.K.???

I work at a print shop and we’re doing a business card for someone whose designation (eg. P.hD. B.Sc. etc.) is N.gi.WC.M.e.EC.FP.o.S.Dk.O.K
What? Did he just make that up? Or Did he actually go to school and earn his N.gi.WC.M.e.EC.FP.o.S.Dk.O.K?
His business card says:
Joe Bob, N.gi.WC.M.e.EC.FP.o.S.Dk.O.K
Technical Sales Representative

My WAG… Well, he’s a nitrogen-based general infantryman and part-time water closet installer, hailing from South Dakota, and he’s okay.

But IANAProfessional Acronymph, so YMMV.


I think it means “I’m an over-educated prick with a sense of humor who likes to baffle with bullshit and leave the proles wondering.”

I might be wrong, but the alternative is absolutely bizarre.

Next time I make a business card I need to throw something good in there too. I always wanted to be ‘Queen of the World’. ‘Grand Master of Earth’ has a nice ring too.

I’m tempted to e-mail him out of curiousity, but my work would probably be none to happy that I took a copy home and am harassing the guy.

It must be a joke. There’s nothing recognizable in that whol table of elements he calls a designation.
-Thylacine was Taken, KFC
Queen of Earth

Wonder if there’s a swimming certificate in there somewhere…

“No girl Will Catch Me ever Eating C*** Fingering P**** or Sucking D*** O K.”

Just guessing :slight_smile:

:cool: Posts like this are why I paid my $4.95. (Well, strictly speaking the $4.95 bought me the ability to reply to posts like this, but let’s not quibble.)

Ob. Monty Python ref: Reminds me of the doctor who treated Raymond Luxury-Yacht*, whose desk nameplate had so many such acronyms that it extended past his desk, around the room and forming a little gateway around the door.

  • Yes, I was careful about the spelling of this unusual name, despite its unusual pronounciation. :wink:

Well, Google came up with nothing. But if I trim off a bunch of the letters, there is a link to:
Industria sarea banatzea, aberastasuna eta lana sortzeko.

So- perhaps some foreign group?

It’s abbreviation to get past the spam filters.

Or something.

Maybe he’s a technical sales representative for phony designations after people’s names? Can you think of a better way to advertise. :wink:

Perhaps they’re IT certifications, though most of those letters don’t look like certifications. How old is the person involved? And do they seem like the type of person that would have earned as many as twelve separate academic qualifications, or do they seem like they’d be likely to overinflate their education? Any idea if they came from a non-English-speaking country that might have different abbreviations for qualifications?

That’s what I’m thinking. I used to work for a guy (who was a smarmy little prick) who had regular business cards, but also had other business cards just like his regular business cards but with H.M.F.W.I.C.O.E. on them under his name. I never asked him what it meant (didn’t want to give him the satisfaction), but instead asked the office manager. It meant “Head Mother Fucker Who’s In Charge Of Everything.” :rolleyes:
He also had notepaper and stationery with it. He thought it was just oh so clever.

It always annoyed me, because I thought “mother fucker” should have been one word.

That’d be the irony, Bob.

Great term, by the way. It’d make a great username…

  1. He’s in sales. His business card is designed to get you to call him back. The curiosity here, especially among people who appreciate cleverness, makes me think that a few of you would call him back just to find out.

  2. The Internet Anagram Server lists a bunch of words you can make from that gibberish. Think that perhaps it’s an anagram of something like “If you can read this you’re real smart”?

  3. Neat gimmick: Whoever Calls Me Extremely Curious Finds Professional Overachieving Salesman (Damn knowledgeable) – O.K.?

Could they be sales territories? S. DK. and O.K. could be South Dakota and Oklahoma. And I suppose WC and EC could be Western Calgary (or Canada) and Eastern Calgary. But N.gi is anyone’s guess. And I don’t know why all the periods and uppercase/lowercase mishmosh.

Might they be fraternal lodge degrees?

Just wondering.


“Taken”- you might actaully call or email him. Say that the letters are in such an odd combo that you wanted to make sure you got them right. Then ask.

In the U.S.A. we call ourselves Americans and say that we live in America. We call people who live in France Frenchmen, people who live in Germany Germans, etc.

However, people that live in France and Germany sure as hell don’t call themselves that. What do they call themselves? How about Russia, India, China, Japan, Vulcan, etc.


My last set of personal cards (I don’t get business cards) said under my name “My cult-like following is now accepting applications”

I loved that card. Now it just says “Gravity” on it.

I’m never sure from the spelling whether they hyphenation means the emphasis is supposed to be on “wob” or “man”.