Acronyms (abbreviations?)

It is already hard to debate with some of the members here, but I get definitely lost when they post “words” like BTW, AFP, BtK (I’m making up some of these, ok? :slight_smile: ).
So I’m asking you: Could you post a list of the most common abbreviations (acronyms)? Or if there’s one already, could you direct me to it?

Hmm, lessee, let’s make a list:

BTW = By the way
IMO = In my opinion
IMHO = In my humble opinion
brb - be right back
WAG - wild ass guess
WTF - what the (well, you know)
ROFL - Rolling on floor laughing
ROFLMAO - Rolling on floor laughing my ass off
LOL = Laugh out loud
IRL - In real life
IIRC - If I recall correctly
YMMV - Your mileage may vary (meaning that things may be different in different circumstances)

That’s all I can think of for now. . . .


I’m a woman phenomenally
Phenomenal woman
That’s me
(Maya Angelou)

Hope this is a good start:

BTW = By The Way
IMO = In My Opinion
IMHO = In My Humble Opinion
IIRC = If I Recall Correctly
AFAIK = As Far As I Know
MST3K = Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (sorry, had to include it)
OP = Original Post
LDS = Latter Day Saints
PC = Politically Correct / Personal Computer
GGD = Great God Debate (it’ll last longer than cockroaches)
GQ = General Questions
BBQ = The BBQ-Pit (flamers welcome!)
GD = Great Debates
PM / TPM = The Phantom Menace
UBB = Ultimate Bulletin Board
LOL = Laughing Out Loud
LMAO = Laughing My Ass Off
ROFL = Rolling On the Floor Laughing
BP = Before Present
IDL = International Date Line

whoops…Melin beat me to it… :wink:

TTYA! (Thanks To You All!)

Could we leave this thread here as a “reference” link or something like that for the begginers like me?

By the way, my son was chatting with a friend on ICQ, and as soon as I approached, he wrote this: PAW, so for all those with ICQ addicted kids, like me, it means Parents Are Watching :slight_smile: (I hope my son forgives me for giving this away, he, he…)

AFK = away from keyboard

And yes, E1, these topics remain here … they only become “invisible” if the date on the latest posting is further back than the number of days you have selected to view posts.

IIRC (don’tcha just love it?), Opalcat has a long list of acronyms at her Teeming Millions site. Check here:

The overwhelming majority of people have more than the average (mean) number of legs. – E. Grebenik

Here’s one I can’t find. What is BBS?

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.
– Henry David Thoreau

BBS could either be a Bulletin Board System, typically not accessed through a URL, but dialed directly through your modem.

Or it could be the British Broadcasting System, the primary (I believe) TV / Radio network in Great Britian (is it also in Canada and Australia?)

Wait…I think I’ve confused the BBS and the BBC…ignore the second half of my post…


And my personal favorite: LSHIPIMP (Laughing So Hard I Peed In My Pants)


You bet. In fact, let’s get a good list going and then we’ll put it in the FAQ, as well as a link to other lists, perhaps, so you get everything. Don’t forget, you can access the FAQ by simply clicking on FAQ in the upper right hand corner of the board.

Thanks for the additions. folks, keep 'em coming.

And of course my all time favorite: LSHIGRBUMN: Laughed So Hard I Got Root Beer Up My Nose. It happens.

your humble TubaDiva/SDStaffDiv
for the Straight Dope

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

Had to do it.

IOW-In Other Words
SD-Straight Dope
SDMB-Straight Dope Message Board
TM-Teeming Millions
HTML-Hypertext Markup Language

Some Abbreviations may be usefull too.

Reg.-Regular visitor
Sig.-Signature (the little quote people stick at the bottom of their posts)

Let’s not forget:

JERK = Poor excuse for a human being
MUSH-FOR-BRAINS = not a rocket scientist

A long acronym, but useful in many circumstances:

TWIAVBP = The World Is A Very Big Place

Comes in handy when a poster assumes that the whole universe has the same senibilities of the poster’s hometown.

A: “How could anyone find raw fish appetizing?”

WOMBAT:Waste Of Money, Brains And Talent-saw it on the Dilbert List and it’s become my favorite. “c’mere my little wombat”

TLA - Three Letter Acronym

I think BBS usually stands for Be Back Soon.


I like BILC–Because It Looks Cool. This acronym explains why a movie has a flashy special effect in it that does nothing to further the plot.

SWF ISO - Single white female in search of
NIMBY - Not in my back yard
GIGO - Garbage in, garbage out
YOYO - You’re on your own
FMAIHP - Feel my ass, it has powers
GD&R - Grinning, ducking and running