"Act of Killing": how close did these thugs come to killing our current president?

Just saw Act of Killing on Blu-ray. It’s not as impressive cinematically as I had hoped from all the buzz I’d heard; but the content is as awful and sickening as you’d expect. What kind of blew my mind after seeing it was Googling to find out when Barack and his mother lived there and learning it was for four years starting just the next year after this genocide took place…wow.

Which then led me to wonder: had they gotten there earlier (Barack’s mom had actually married her Indonesian husband eighteen months before, but took their time in joining him there), would they have been swept up? Ann was a pretty left wing gal; not sure she would have declared herself a “communist” per se, but it was clear in the documentary that any vaguely left wing bent would have been good enough for these paramilitary gangsters to pronounce someone a communist and take them out. And these guys did eradicate entire families, not just the adults.

Or would Ann and Barack’s U.S. citizenship have protected them in any case?

The killings mainly lasted from October of 1965 to early 1966. Obama’s stepfather did not move back to Indonesia until 1966. Obama and his mother did not move to Indonesia until 1967. Even if he had lived there his stepfather had family ties to the State oil company, and this would have likely protected them from any allegations of communist sympathy.