ActiveX and plug-ins?

Recently my computer has taken to shouting “Do you want to allow software such as ActiveX controls and plug-ins to run?” when I load up some web pages. It’s only started doing this recently. I think I must have done something while nosing around the options tabs. (not really a smart move when I know squat about computers, I know… but I’m curious) So I’ve searched the ‘opions’ thouroughly and can’t find anything about ActiveX prompts in there. I’ve clicked the restore ie to default setting thingie too, and it still does it!
Somebody please help me shut these annoying things off!!! If it helps, I use XP and exploerer 6.

Something to check (I don’t know if you have checked this yet) is the Security Tab of your Internet Explorer. (It’s in the same window that pops up with IE options… there are several tabs: General, Security, …, Advanced)

Under “Security”, with “Internet” selected (probably a little earth icon), click on the button that says “Custom Level”.

It will pop up another window with a list of more options, related to internet security. There should be a couple of entries in the list that mention ActiveX controls (signed and unsigned). If you don’t want to be prompted when downloading an ActiveX component, select the radio button that says “Enabled” under “download signed ActiveX controls”.

You could do the same for unsigned ActiveX controls, but I wouldn’t recommend it. There are some companies out there that take advantage of something like that.

Hope that helps… if not, I’ll keep looking. :slight_smile:


YES!!! Fantastic! Thank you! Thought I’d never get rid of the little blighters! \o/