Actor Fred ‘Rerun’ Berry dies at 52

Actor Fred Berry has died at age 52. The comic actor was best known for his role as Rerun on the 1970’s TV sitcom “What’s Happening. It is said that he had a stroke.

According to the Internet Movie Database, Berry was married six times to four women, marrying two of his wives twice.

more details:

He was last seen in the movie Dickie Roberts. He played himself.

I like the Rerun character on the show What’s Happening. Did anyone else love his dance moves?

Oh, well, I suppose someone named “Rerun” should have two identical threads.

Good one Eve! <lol> I scanned Cafe but didn’t see anything so I posted! Mine is better (more information)LOL

hey HEY hey!
Now that guy, was 70s TV. Seemed like he was nice in real life, too…

Wasn’t it “Fat Albert of the Cosby Kids” that said that?

Fat Albert was “hey hey HEY”

Rerun was “hey HEY hey”

different inflection

Or was it Duh-wayne thet said that?
Hi, Roj!

It was Dwayne.
Sometimes accompanied by the arms out to the side, elbows bent, palms down pose.

Back on topic, I’ll never forget Fred A. Berry’s fantastic perfomance in the Toni Basil video “Shopping, A to Z”.

RIP, Rerun. You will be missed.

Will the Doobie Brothers perform a memorial concert? I’d love to get a bootleg tape of it if they do.

Truthfully Shirley was my favorite from the show. I loved how she had smart alleck comments.

Yours is 14 hours late. LOL OMG.


Perhaps the greatest single episode of a sitcom ever. The bootleggers were trying to leave, but they couldn’t, because there were Doobies coming out of every possible exit, blocking them! Friggin’ Doobies everywhere! Comedy gold.

“Oooooh, I’m tellin’ momma!”

Loved that show. :slight_smile:

RIP Fred.