Actor John Mills dead at 97


That’s one long life.

That’s a hell of a career.

I loved John Mills in Hobson’s Choice, where he played a poor shoemaker forced to grow by the level-headed woman who chose him for a husband. He almost upstaged Charles Laughton, but not quite. I’ll look out for his other films, as he was a class act.

A local lad…he’ll be missed. He was still a character in old age.

And how the hell can somebody manage over 60 years of professional acting? It’s surely just not human.

Damn, he was versatile! Somehow he always seemed the same age.

Sad for Juliet and Haley.

To see acting at its best try and catch the film Tunes of Glory. This stars John Mills and Alec Guinness and it doesn’t get any better from these giants of British cinema.

Thirty or so years ago, I first became aware that Hayley had a dad after seeing The Truth About Spring. Since then I’ve become a bigger fan of his than I was of her as a young lad with a crush.

R. I. P.

Sir Rhosis

The link in the OP made mention of a recent survey of top actors in Great Britain, and that Mills was eight on the list. I went to look for it and on finding it I have to wonder where the heads of those surveyed were at.

Sure, Sean Connery is a good actor, but #1? Above Sir Laurence Olivier?

And Michael Caine is good, but Sir John Gielgud didn’t even make the top ten, and if he didn’t I don’t know why Caine is on it.

Sure, it was more of a popularity poll, but people, get real!