Actor Most Due an Oscar

Which actor -and of course, actress- who has not yet won an Oscar, will win one before his/her time is through?

That makes sense right?

That is: who is the next previous non-winner that you see inevitably hoisting the Golden statue skyward, thanking a bunch of people you never heard of, and reaching the universally-agreed upon pinnacle of the Hollywood career?

On the men’s side, I see Bruce Willis as one possible choice. He has taken on increasingly meaty roles since his Die Hard days and I think, if nothing else, when the right role presents itself, will take home the Oscar as a tribute to the proverbial past body of work. Seriously.

Also (though I am setting myself up for Flame-bait) think Tom Cruise will indeed move to the next level and separate himself from the pretty boy image his detractors so enjoy pinning on him. The guy has done films with the best, held his own, and deserves to be recognized.

I had intended to offer my views for the ladies but upon preview, think that maybe I should quit while I’m behind.
O.K. Next?

I wish Samuel L. Jackson would start picking roles with more depth and substance, because I could really get behind his nomination as a serious actor.

Tom Cruise really should have won for “Born on the 4th of July”

John Cusak is definitely getting an Oscar one of these days.

I thought Willis deserved a nomination at least for 12 Monkeys.

I think Tom Cruise has already done that. I didn’t see him in ‘Magnolia’, but I hear he was fantastic. He’s been seeking out challenging roles for quite a long time, and doing quite well at them.

Has Edward Norton won a best actor Oscar yet? If not, he’s gotta be in the running. Same with Brad Pitt.

I agree with every name sugested but that of Brad Pitt.

I enthusiastically second the nomination of John Cusack. Absolutely guaranteed. He is EXACTLY the sort of actor who’ll nab an OScar someday for that big role.

Edward Norton is a rather obvious choice, as is Brad Pitt, and Johnny Depp might someday win one.

Kate Winslet is a stunningly talented actress as well-nominated three times, and never won. (Although the second time, another actress was cheated-Judi Dench).

I’ll be another name on the list of people that think John Cusack is due for an oscar. There isn’t a movie in which I didn’t enjoy him.

As for Tom Cruise, his next movie is The Last Samurai which is set for release in December (movie will be fresh in the Academy’s mind at oscar time) and is being directed by Edward Zwick (directed Glory, produced Traffic). It has all the tools for an oscar winning movie, guess we just have to see how the actual movie turns out (minor detail, :wink: )

I believe that Tom Cruise is under rated. I think that he has put in some excellent performances.

I’m slightly disappointed that Sir Ian McKellen’s name hasn’t come up yet… :wink:

(He’s been passed over for one, too, which helps his chances, doesn’t it? ;))

I’m sure it’s not inevitable but I want Steve Buscemi to win one. He has improved every film I’ve seen him in.

I wouldn’t begrudge an award to any of the people already mentioned including Brad Pitt, they have all done plenty of worthy stuff.

I think Dennis Quaid is an underrated actor who seems to only be getting better.

I think Ed Harris is due an Oscar. He has turned in some great performances in great movies - Apollo 13, The Truman Show, Glengarry Glen Ross - and has never been rewarded. I’d say it’s about time.

Renee Zellweger, Down With Love notwithstanding.

It’s funny to see John Cusack mentioned so many times, since I’ve never really seen him as more than a ‘bit’ actor who happens to have more screen time than most bit actors. I honestly can’t say I’ve ever seen him stand out in any movie. Joan Cusack, on the other hand, steals every scene she’s in, in any movie, and I for one am glad she won an Oscar, even if it wasn’t for her best role.

I completely agree when it comes to Johnny Depp and Steve Buscemi: by all rights, they should both have won an Oscar long ago.

Jack Black should have gotten one for Supporting Actor in “High Fidelity”.

I wouldn’t mind seeing John Goodman win a Supporting Actor Oscar for a Coen Brothers movie. I’ve never seen him in a role that I didn’t like. I’ve seen him in some movies that I didn’t like, but that’s neither here nor there.

Philip Seymore Hoffman will win one someday.

Sir Ian Holm, without a doubt. He’s been nominated before and has won several critics awards but never taken home an oscar. I think it was a travesty that he was never even nominated for his heartbreaking work in the sweet hereafter. Plus, I think he did some kind of movie about a ring, too.

Jeff Bridges
Harvey Keitel
Joe Mantegna
James Gandolfini

Emily Watson
Lorraine Bracco
Sigourney Weaver

And if they ever decide to give a posthumous award,
Robert Mitchum

Brad Pitt’s done some fine stuff, though I wanted to slug him in the mouth at the end of Seven. (or Se7en? whaddevah)

John Cusack deserves many Oscars.

Did Kevin Kline ever get one? I thiiiink he got Best Supporting for A Fish Called Wanda…