Actor Taylor Negron RIP

Yeah, he’s not an award winner or headliner, but dammit he was a solid guy with a huge resume. He was one of the best of the group known as “That Guy.”

You know, he was. When I heard he’d died, I actually thought “That guy?” He showed up randomly in so many different things. A total character actor. Godspeed, Taylor. Cancer is a bitch.

For some reason, CNN’s headline was something like, “Fast Times at Ridgemont High Actor Dies.”

He was in that movie for like a minute and a half. I think his only line was, “Mr. Pizza Guy.”

I liked him in Easy Money with Rodney Dangerfield (he played Julio, marrying Rodney’s daughter … “Can I call you dad?”) and he was great as Milo, the psychotic strong arm for the chief baddie in The Last Boy Scout, which, I don’t care how bad a movie it is … it’s a great movie.

He was a funny guy. I always think of him saying area rug.

I remember him as the mail carrier in Better Off Dead. Looking over his prior roles, it seems he played a lot of deliverymen. Hmm.


Was he the guy in a Woody Allen movie who , oh how should I put this, relieved himself on Woody’s sister?

When I first read the post title that’s exactly what I thought, he was that Fast Times guy. But I was thinking of Robert Romanus, the guy who bangs (the inconceivably beautiful & totally naked) Jeniffer Jason Leigh. He was a star of that movie who seemingly dropped off the face of the Earth afterwards. IMDB doesn’t even have a photo of him!

Now that I think of him, I always remember him as the drug-dealing doctor from Young Doctors in Love

I always think of his speech to Elaine about her stinky hair:

“The first thing we’re gonna do is flush the follicles with the five essential oils. Then, we put you under a vapor machine and then a heated cap. Then, we shampoo and shampoo and condition and condition. Then, we saturate the hair in diluted vinegar-- two parts vinegar, 10 parts water. Now, if that doesn’t work, we have one last resort. Tomato sauce.”

Looking at his imdb, Romanus played Basil Fawlty in Fawlty Tower Oxnard. WTF? I never heard of it and I’m pretty sure I don’t want to see it. Was it even aired on television? Apparently they made 7 episodes with the original scripts. Bleh.

Oh, that guy. Thankfully, that is the only thing I remember about the movie “Punchline” (other than how utterly awful and not funny it was).

Watching that scene over and over was puberty for me.

Oh right, Taylor Negron… It is sad he has died.

Posted this in the wrong thread earlier…

He was also the convenience-store clerk in River’s Edge. First scene with dialogue. Daniel Roebuck, another That Guy, tries to buy beer without ID, and Negron won’t sell him. Short scene, perfectly performed. It could be used as an acting exercise.

“Allison, I’m bad! I am SO bad”

He also had a bit part on Friends, playing a restaurant owner who had bad tomato sauce, so Monica tried to show him how to make it.

I thought he was great in his one scene in Stuart Little, where he’s selling clothes for the mouse (from their collection of some action figure/doll clothes). His and Geena Davis’ ability to make it all seem totally normal, and his way of being the Platonic ideal of “the guy who sells kids clothes,” really made it.

Regarding Fast Times at Ridgemont High the inconceivably beautiful description belongs to Phoebe Cates. (imo)

Gave a whole new meaning to the phrase “Moving in Stereo.”

I have no idea who even saw it. Never heard of it before. This might be a clue, “Production Co: Los Angeles Film School.”

He’s not credited as being in Crimes and Misdemeanors so the answer would be No.