Actor that plays the Worlds Most Interesting Man (Dos Equis)

I don’t know. He had a pretty interesting interview in Outdoor Life (or something). I can’t find it online, but here’s one from The New Yorker that makes him out to be close to his character.

These days when I drink beer, it’s never Dos Equis, but TMIMITW is a great character.

Speaking of Dos Equis, I was at a Mexican place with a friend one time and he said, “Why do they have a beer with that name here? Isn’t it German?”

According to Wikipedia, Dos Equis is the official beer of the “Chicken Liver Classic catfishing tournament” in Mississippi–not sure if that’s a joke or not.

Wow, I had no idea that was the actor I knew as Jonathan Lippe. I remember him form many tv shows in the 70s and I even had a crush on him back then. He really doesn’t look the same at all.
Thanks for the info, aceplace57.

I am very close friends with this guy’s neighbor. I have a photo on my phone of The Most Interesting Man in the World shirtless and chugging a beer after doing some yard work.

Most interesting indeed.

But the lawn clippings refuse to stick to him out of deference to his beard.
(I hope the beer was at least a Dos Equis)

What brand of beer was he chugging?

I really like these commercials, even though I don’t normally watch commercials, and I don’t drink. Some of my favorite lines from the commercials:

His mother has a tattoo that says “Son”.

When he’s in Rome, the Romans do like he does.

He has won the lifetime achievement award…twice.


I also always thought he was supposed to be a Hemingway-like character. I never heard of Fernando Lamas before.

Think Lorenzo Lamas, but more ancestral and less alliterative. And yes, I always got a Hemingway vibe from the Most Interesting Man Character. I don’t think I’ve ever had Dos Equis, but the commercials are good.

I’m so glad they went with an older actor instead of getting an Ashton Kutcher type. As a man in his mid 40s it’s kind of nice to see people hanging onto the every word an act of somebody old enough to be my dad- gives me hope.:wink:

Maybe it’s my age or that I’ve been watching advertising for waaaay too many years, but I’ve come to the point where I unconciously must be tuning out what product they’re selling when I watch commercials.
“Oh yeah! The Stay Thirsty My Friends commercial guy. I love that one. What’s he selling? Umm. I don’t know. Some kind of alcohol, right? Give me multiple choice.
Damn, wrong again. Dos Equis? Really? Are you sure?”

On Manscaping: (short pause) “I have no idea what this is.”

Billy Crystal’s famous SNL character Fernando was based on Fernando Lamas. Billy’s “You look marvelous!” skit is a classic SNL moment.

The commercials are mostly mildly humorous. A few are really funny.

I do have this hanging on my refrigerator door.

Although amusing, it is not very accurate. I always take out my recycling. :stuck_out_tongue:

My favorite one is most appropriate now that Shark Week is coming up on Discovery.

“Sharks have a week dedicated to him.”

Since we’re talking favorites, I like the one where he is on an Olympic podium and is given a silver medal. He then steps to the higher podium and also receives the gold.

I find his delivery most interesting. He puts the emphasis on the whole act rather than the qualifier.

I don’t always “DRINK BEER” rather than
I don’t always drink “BEER”.


It was indeed a Dos Equis. I wonder if he is contractually obligated to drink it in public?

Or perhaps simply express a preference for it, if he happens to be drinking beer on that occasion.