The Most Retired Man in The World.

Dos Equis ends ad campaign.

It’s been running since 2006.

He will get a final send-off, a one way trip to Mars.

So now he’ll be TMIMOM–good for him!

The ads had gotten a bit stale in the past few years. The best ideas had been used already.

The Most Interesting Man in the World was a very clever idea and the early commercials were very, very good. Jonathan Goldsmith did a great job with the character.

The ad campaign was a huge success.

He once parallel parked a train.

“I don’t always have a few beers too many. But when I do, I wake up in the strangest places.”

The coolest part of the whole campaign was that the character was a rare thing these days - a mature role model for young men.

The ads featured voice-over work by beloved, renowned Boston actor Will Lyman.

I also thought the “historical” footage in the commercials was understated, nicely designed and directed.

This makes me sad. While some were certainly better than others, in totality, these were some of the best commercials on television. My personal favorite? “Sasquatch has taken a picture…of him”

My favorite, but I can only recall hearing it on a radio ad a couple of times:

“He has permission to mess with Texas.”

And he almost wasn’t. The casting director loved him in his audition, but called his agent back to say they wanted to go with someone younger.

He can speak Russian, in French.

That was my favorite. Mainly because it makes absolutely no sense. Except in reference to… The Most Interesting Man in the World!!

I loved the ads but I’ve never had a Dos Equis. I’ve never thought to order any.

I’ll raise a glass in his honor tonight.

He’s retiring from being interesting?

Both sides of his pillow are cool.

One of the best lines ever, IMHO - followed closely by

When he flirts with danger, danger gets clingy.

Classics, but they did seem to run dry on the idea well the past few years.

I heard the actor was careful never to be seen with any other beer than a Dos Equis.

Maybe now that he’s retired, he can drink a decent beer.

The Most Interesting Shuffleboarder in the World.

“I don’t always drink beer” - thought that was a great line in that context.

I never liked the catch phrase. “Stay thirsty, my friends.” If there’s one thing I want out of my drink, it’s the ability to quench my thirst.

(I can drink beer just fine when I’m not thirsty.)

A few years ago, I was at a game at Dodger Stadium where he threw out the first pitch. They did an on-field interview with him beforehand, and as silly as it was, even after I’d heard his real name, I was shocked when he started talking, and he didn’t have the accent.

Anyway, his character will be missed.

The commercials definitely had their moments. The actor won’t live forever, so I’d rather have them retire the character than continue with someone else. I hope they have a good finale, unlike most ad campaigns where they just stop running and then five years later you realize, “They must have stopped running those MIMITW commercials”.