Actor that plays the Worlds Most Interesting Man (Dos Equis)

Dos Equis’ pitchman is Jewish actor living in Marina del Rey.

I always enjoy the Dos Equis commercials. They are pretty clever an funny. I’ve drank Dos Equis for years.

Jonathan Goldsmith is a veteran character actor. He got shot different five times in Gunsmoke. John Wayne shot him between the eyes in the Shootist. He’s had a long career. He says that he modeled this character on Fernando Lamas.

Stay Thirsty my friends. :smiley:

I like the commercial and the actor. I almost hate to say anything negative about it but when I watch the commercial all I can think of is someone who has oulived their usefullness and is living in the past. Kind of like an old windbag. I am no youngster myself.

The hot babes hanging on his elbow say otherwise.

Plenty of what he is shown doing is clearly in the present, like telling his pet mountain lion to get down off the kitchen counter.

I heard him on the Adam Carolla podcast some time ago, the result of a tremendously misguided press tour they made him go on. Not only was he far from interesting, he was absolutely terrified of doing something his wife (listening in another room) would object to, as well as anything that might require payment from Dos Equuis. The most henpecked man in the world, maybe. It was a very disappointing interview.

Several of the Dos Equis commercials in one video. There were a couple I hadn’t seen before.

Hugh Hefner

Stay posting my friends!

The best I’ve seen is: “I don’t always drink…actually, yes, yes I do.”

That’s my favorite scene from the commercials.
As a matter of fact, some of the quotes have gotten too Chuck Norrisy for me, but the scenery during the commercials always deliver a truly interesting man. Opening the trap and freeing the bear… that was great.

When it comes to the actual quotes, I prefer the ones that are over the top but not super hero. Like I prefer, “He gives out business cards that say only, ‘I’ll call you.’” over, “Mosquitoes refuse to bite him purely out of respect.”

Love the music, too. Great commercials.

What surprises me the most about those goofy ads is that they managed to get veteran voice over actor** Will Lyman** to do the narrations. Best known for narrating PBS’ long running *Frontline * and other documentaries he’s a pretty classy guy who generally doesn’t lend (i.e. sell) his voice to lightweight commercial stuff.

They’re deceptively hard to write, though. I’ve tried to come up with a few of my own and never quite capture that flavor of insouciant braggadocio.

Intros for The Stig are the same way.

As amusing as I sometimes find the commercials to be, I’ve always found it kind of odd to end with “stay thirsty”, since that would entail not drinking. It’s essentially a commercial saying “don’t use our product”.

I don’t think those ads work at all (though I haven’t really seen that many). The guy isn’t oafish enough to be amusing, and he’s too straight to take seriously. It just makes me think that only a loser would be inspired enough by the ad to go drink that beer (which actually isn’t so bad).

You are very wrong my friend and see the world in a nasty light.

Plenty of people have given that beer a try, including myself, after seeing and enjoying those commercials. They put Dos Equis on the map. When they first came out, they were by far the best on television.

Sales went up 22% in 2006-2010 while all other domestic beers, on average, went down 4%.

The best I have been able to work out is that it means you should continue doing adventurous, manly things that would cause you work up a big thirst.

I love those commercials, and they ALWAYS remind me of the Chuck Norris jokes. Good call!

I disagree. As Robot Arm posted, it’s actually difficult to write one-liners that work in this concept. (Something like “He can speak French…in Russian” sounds great even if it doesn’t make sense.) And regardless of what he may be like in real life, Goldsmith gives a nice delivery in the ads.

The settings and activities in flashback always made me think of Hemingway, though.

I find with the Stig (watching as an American) that 50% of the statements follow the template:

“Some say He <Insert something I don’t understand, therefore it must be British and everybody’s laughing, so I’ll laugh, too>”

Although I DID catch the reference Geremy made of the Audi A8, saying it was as low to the ground as a Badger’s Badger.

And was surprised you could say that on National TV.