Actors/Actresses who have too damn MUCH charisma

Spinning off this thread, what performers are just too, too much?

They make me tired: Jim Carrey, Mickey Rooney, Jerry Lewis, Betty Hutton, Robin Williams. Squirrels on crack, all of 'em.

Not really an actor, but I would put exercise show host Denise Austin in this category. It must burn calories just to be around her.

Billy Crystal
Whoopie Goldberg

I don’t know if “charisma” is the right word, though.

Pauley Perrette (Abby on NCIS). She scares me.

Richard Simmons. Take a 'lude, dude. Or twenty.

Funny how there’s a fine line between being so charismatic that people can’t take their eyes off you and being mind-numbingly freakin’ irritating.

Carrot Top, for instance. The latter, that is.

Hugh Grant. He’s a decent actor, in a reasonable range of roles, but he’s got way too much charisma for any one person to decently have, and he shows that he knows it.

Wayne Brady.

Is that when he’s smacking a bitch or not?

Hugh Grant or Wayne Brady?

Tom Cruise. SHUT UP ALREADY!!!

Julia Roberts.

Wayne Brady chokes bitches.
Bill Murray.

Nitpick: It’s “choke” a bitch.


Billy Crystal oozes mediocrity.

I don’t think charisma is what we’re talking about here, it sounds like we’re talking about manic energy. And the worst actor for that is Cuba Gooding Jr. I don’t think I could be in a room with him.

I could be in a room with him. He’d have to be naked and gagged, but I could quite definitely be in a room with him…

The child actress Margaret O’Brien always puts my teeth on edge. The other night I was watching Meet Me in St Louis, and I just wanted to smack the little tot right in the kisser. I felt ashamed of myself, but some people just need to undergo Cuteness Reduction before they are suitable for public viewing.

Hmmm, too charismatic. I would define that, I guess, as actors whom you are literally FORCED to cast as the lead, or they’ll outshine the lead rather badly. As happened to, say, Kevin Sorbo when Bruce Campbell guest-starred on Hercules as the Prince of Thieves. Made Hercules loook dull, he did, even though Sorbo is not without charisma of his own.

And Carrey, Lewis, Williams … yeah, squirrels on crack all right, but I don’t know that they’re all that charismatic.

Shirley Temple

(do I win ? :slight_smile: )