Actors and Athletes who Also Sing-Part 2

I started a thread many weeks ago called "Famous People who Also Made Songs,"and that thread got a surprising number of replies,so I thought it might be a good idea to re-open the discussion,albeit under a new title.
If you can think of such a person,please tell us about it.Any replies would be greatly appreciated,so long as they’re on-topic.Thanks for coming to the thread.
(Only restriction:Any celebrity to be mentioned here can’t be a professional singer.It’s fine if they released an album or two,but they only count if singing wasn’t their primary career.)

Dean Stockwell did a mean “In Dreams.” More seriously, my money and my sack are with Ava Gardner. Ditto Rita Hayworth.

Pro wrestlers are combination actor/athletes, so I’m counting Freebird Michael Hayes:

Bad Street, USA

Freebird Forever

Clint Eastwood has sung on Rawhide and for his own films. Even though he does compose music, he’s mainly known as an actor and director.

Keith Carradine won an Academy Award and Golden Globe for his song “I’m Easy” for the movie Nashville. This led to him recording two albums for Asylum.

Wow.Mayor,actor,director,and singer;I guess that guy does everything.:slight_smile:
Very interesting!

The 1985 Chicago Bears.

Bronson Arroyo, pitcher of the Cincinnati Reds and formerly of the Red Sox, is a singer who has put out an album of covers.

**Bernie Williams ** formerly of the Yankees is a respected guitarist; Wayman Tisdale, who was an NBA player and died a few years ago, was an accomplished jazz bassist…

Keanu Reeves had a band called Dogstar for a while. He was the bassist.

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Bronson Arroyo, pitcher of the Cincinnati Reds and formerly of the Red Sox, is a singer who has put out an album of covers./QUOTE]

What kind of music does he sing?

Did Shaq O’Neal record some Rap songs?

Jay Cutler sang a stirring rendition of Take Me Out to the Ball Game

From the sounds of it, mostly rock standards. Among the ones he does are Plush by the Stone Temple Pilots and the Standells’ Dirty Water.

I have this album. He does a decent cover of Pearl Jam’s “Black”, which is not an easy song to sing.

Patrick Swayze had a song on the Dirty Dancing soundtrack.

Yes.I don’t know if his rapping is very good or not(I haven’t heard it yet),but several of his songs became pretty popular.

William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy both released albums.

Bruce Willis did “The Return of Bruno” where he covered “Under the Boardwalk”

Joe Pesci released as album as Vincent Laguardia Gambini

Michael K Williams recorded a song rapping as Omar Little (don’t know if it was released, but it was played on the radio during an interview)

Hugh Laurie has an album called “Let Them Talk”

George Maharis of Route 66.

Jerry Lewis Just Sings.

Robert Mitchum.

The late Brittany Murphy (who probably was most famous for playing the character LuAnne on “King of the Hill”) was an awesome singer. She sang a couple of songs for the soundtrack of “Happy Feet”.

Boogie Wonderland

Somebody To Love

Donald Glover, who plays Troy on the TV show Community is also a rapper going by the name Childish Gambino

Then there was “Heartbeat” by Don Johnson.

And “More, More, More” by the Andrea True Connection.

Some people may forget that Richard Harris was most famous for being an actor…