Actors who played their own twin

I’m working on a trivia quiz about twosomes, and need examples of actors who played their own twin – like Jeremy Irons in Dead Ringers or Hayley Mills in The Parent Trap. There’s got to be more than that, but I’m drawing a blank.


Patty Duke.

Lindsay Lohan in the remake of The Parent Trap.

Do soap operas count? 'Cause there have been lots of evil twins there.

Not sure if it counts, but Ewan McGregor played his own clone in The Island .

They were cousins (identical cousins all the way…), though, not sisters. Which of course doesn’t mean it doesn’t count.

Sean Factotum – I don’t think enough people follow soaps for that to be a good direction.

smokinjbc – Not one but two Ewan McGregors? swoon I’ll have to move that up in my Netflix queue.

Jay Leno, who used to riff on the ubiquity of “Evil Twins” on TV shows, once played his own Evil Twin on a sketch on Saturday Night Live. (Only it really wasn’t)

William Shatner in White Commanche.


Just – wow.

Arnie in 6th Day, although that’s another clone rather than a twin.

Lisa Kudrow in Friends

And Mad About You, which came first.

Depending on how far one wants to stretch the definition, Jonathan Frakes played William Riker and his “transporter twin” Thomas Riker in an episode of Next Gen and DS9. For that matter, Shatner played his “transporter twin” and an android duplicate of himself in two episodes of the original series. And then Brent Spiner played Data and his identical “brother” Lore in several Next Gen episodes, and also played an identical but retarded prototype in the last Next Gen movie.

Elizabeth Montgomery played her evil twin in an episode of “Bewitched.” Her twin was credited to actress Pandora Spocks.

And continuing the Star Trek theme, a great number of the actors played their “mirror universe” evil duplicates in a variety of series, including the TOS episode “Mirror, Mirror” which started it all, a number of DS9 eps and some “Enterprise” episodes. There was also an episode of Voyager in which the ship and crew were duplicated and the duplicate Harry Kim and a newborn infant replaced the originals who were killed.

Serena was her cousin (which still fits per the OP) and Serena wasn’t evil.

Nicolas Cage in Adaptation.

Leonardo DiCaprio in The Man In The Iron Mask.

And was the character of Phoebe in “Mad About You”? I know Ursula was, and that Ursula made appearances in “Friends”, but I only remember Ursula in “MAY”


I just saw that a couple of months ago. (And hated it passionately.)

And guys – enough “Star Trek,” 'kay? I get the idea.

There’s always the Buffybot.

Phoebe did a cameo on “MAY” after “Friends” hit big.

Oops, sorry. It’s been decades since I saw it.