Actors whose names inexplicably never pop into your head when someone asks about great actors.

I just saw Rabbit Hole and didn’t even know that Dianne Wiest was in it. She was superb. But then again she always is. Since the 80s she has regularly improved movies by her presence. I’m sure that, if you had asked me yesterday for a list of favorite actors, I wouldn’t have thought of her name. And I don’t know why that is. Whenever I see her in something I note how good she is but I just forget her.

A couple of other actors that kind of baffle me are Billy Crudup and Sam Rockwell. More than once I have been watching a movie and deep into into suddenly realised, “Shit, that’s Sam Rockwell/Billy Crudup.” Maybe it’s the same principle or maybe that’s a different thread.

Just to continue the slight hijack – seen WATCHMEN, by any chance?

No but soon I will. Looks intriguing.

On the rare occasion I see a Weist performance, I’m just irritated by memories of her Law & Order character. I know it’s unfair, but I really* really *disliked that character…

John Lithgow. Few people realize how great he is because he makes it look o damn easy.

Sam Rockwell for me too.

He is in a favorite movie of mine, (Jerry and Tom) and I can never remember his name when I recommend the movie.
(the movie is not for everyone, my sweety thinks it is torture porn)

Richard Dreyfuss is someone I think should come up more in great-actor conversations.

a friend and i was just wondering the other day why we don’t see Dreyfuss anymore. miss him

I actually hated Sam Rockwell in Ironman 2. He just played the role waaay too cheesy over the top. Almost like he thought he was in a different movie. They could have got Dana Carvey for cheaper.

Chiwetel Ejiofor

I think his name doesn’t come up because nobody knows how to spell or pronounce it.

Gene Wilder has had some great moments.

I just directed an intensive musical theater workshop for kids and in the most recent incarnation we did Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (specifically based on the 1971 film). So I had the chance to re-watch perhaps my single favorite movie from childhood. I must say I was so struck by the Willy Wonka that Wilder created in that film. There are many levels to that character and he’s just perfect in this role.

Harry Dean…uhhh…ummm…Stanton.

Gary Sinise (Film work; I’ve never actually seen his CSI spin-off). He’s great without being actor-y.

Don’t watch his CSI spin-off, then. Keep the dream alive.

Kevin Spacey.

The Dame Judy Dench.

Dustin Hoffman.

I really can’t elaborate, as each of them has had several memorable roles. But (most of the time) they’re great roles.

I really like Spacey and Hoffman, but I really included Dench in there because I needed a dame on the list.

Peter Boyle. I spent years watching his crap work on “Everybody Loves Raymond” and I never knew he was part of the comedic “perfect storm” that was Young Frankenstein.

William Holden, Glen Ford… I never can think of those guys and when I do, I invariably confuse them.



ALmost had me there,** UBW**. I was all set to wag my finger your way.
I’ll suggest Vincent D’Onofrio, and echo Sam Rockwell.

Robert Duvall