Your Top 10 Favorite Actors

Mine are:

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio
  2. Justin Whalin
  3. Tobey McGuire
  4. Zac Efron
  5. Robert Pattinson
  6. Mark Hamill
  7. Robert Redford
  8. Brad Pitt
  9. Dean Cain
  10. Macualay Culkin

Peter Lorre
Humphrey Bogart
Sidney Greenstreet
Lauren Bacall
Ida Lupino
James Cagney
George Raft
Elisha Cook
Jack Lemmon
Shirley MacLaine

I have the hots for these guys in varying degrees…I guess that makes a fine actor in my book. :o
Vincent Price
Steve Buscemi
Gene Wilder
Simon Helberg
Dustin Hoffman
John Astin
Tim Curry
Danny Kaye
Alan Rickman
Malcolm McDowell

  1. Tom Baker
  2. Sissy Spacek
  3. John Cleese
  4. Jack Lemmon
  5. Walter Matthau
  6. Jack Klugman
  7. Art Carney
  8. Paul Muni
  9. Kathy Bates
    10.Peter Falk

So, so many others. Oh my god, I left out Carroll O’Connor!!!

No particular order:

-John Cusack
-Michael Keaton
-Joaquin Phoenix
-Gary Oldman
-Tom Hanks
-Robin Williams
-Edward Norton
-Jack Nicholson
-Robert De Niro
-Robert Downey Jr.

-Meryl Streep
-Julianne Moore
-Joan Cusack
-Charlize Theron
-Jennifer Jason Leigh
-Marisa Tomei
-Jessica Lange
-Sara Paulson
-Helen Bonham Carter
-Angela Basset

I’m not a good judge of fine acting, but these are actors that I usually enjoy in movies.

Sam Jackson
Ewan McGregor
Jason Statham
Robert De Niro
Christian Bale
Tom Hanks
Brad Pitt
Patrick Stewart
Harrison Ford
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Cary Grant
Gregory Peck
Gary Cooper
Jimmy Stewart
Fred MacMurray
Ryan Reynolds
Katherine Hepburn
Denzel Washington
Marisa Tomei
Mark Wahlberg

Tom Hanks
Kevin Spacey
Anthony Hopkins
Robert Duvall
Gene Hackman
Daniel Day Lewis
Denzel Washington
Morgan Freeman
Jeff Bridges
Matt Damon

Gary Oldman, a true chameleon who never just plays Gary Oldman
Alan Rickman
Jack Nicholson, but not in his most recent roles
Humphrey Bogart
James Cagney
Laura Dern
Lauren Bacall
Olivia Coleman
Tom Cruise*
Ingrid Bergman

*Yeah, Cruise is usually just Cruise with a different name, and I hate his cult nonsense, but he makes very watchable movies.

Jack Lemmon
Cary Grant
Gary Oldman
James Cagney
Bill Nighy
Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Olivia Colman
Joseph Cotten
Bette Davis

Gary Oldman
Katharine Hepburn
Kathy Bates
Laurence Olivier
M. Emmet Walsh
Marlon Brando
Meryl Streep
Robert De Niro
Robert Shaw
Spencer Tracy

Ursula Andress
Jean-Paul Belmondo
Rondo Hatton
Skelton Knaggs
Jet Li
Peter Lorre
Robert Mitchum
Angelo Rossitto
Tuesday Weld
Orson Welles

Actors who I think are great actors and actors who choose to act in films I like are two different lists.

Bruce Willis, for example, has been in a ton of great films, 12 Monkeys, Lucky Number Slevin, Pulp Fiction, Red, Hudson Hawk, etc. But I don’t know that I’d classify him as one of the best actors to ever grace the screen.

Whereas, say, Jeremy Irons is a great actor but with a list of films like The Time Machine, Lolita, Dead Ringers, etc. I might know that he’ll put in a hell of a performance, but I don’t know that I’ll be running to go see his newest film.

That discrepancy sort of breaks the concept of a favorite actor for me. I don’t want to list some mediocre actors with good taste in scripts nor great actors who are always in dreck.

Cruise is actually a very talented actor, who doesn’t always get to portray a wide range in his typical action movie role. His performance in Rain Man is just as impressive as Dustin Hoffman’s. And in a Few Good Man he is the perfect balance to Jack Nicholson’s scenery chewing. Plus he does his own stunts!! Guy is pretty amazing, just too bad about the personal/religious nuttery.

  1. Dustin Hoffman
  2. Gene Wilder
  3. Bruce Willis
  4. Katherine Hepburn
  5. Paul Newman
  6. Bill Murray
  7. Sandra Bullock
  8. Marty Feldman
  9. Samuel L. Jackson
  10. Alec Guinness

I don’t have ten favorites.

  1. Peter O’Toole
  2. Audrey Hepburn
  3. Steve McQueen
  4. Burt Lancaster
  5. David Tennant
  6. Gene Wilder
  7. Cary Grant
  8. Katherine Hepburn

Since you specified “favorite” and not “best” I’ll go with the 10 actors that I just enjoy the heck out of watching any time I can.

Gene Hackman
Jack Nicholson
Robert Downey Jr.
Zooey Deschanel
John Cusak
Morgan Freeman
Bing Crosby
George C. Scott
Janeane Garofolo
Alan Rickman

Tom Hanks
Cary Grant
Meryl Streep
Anthony Hopkins
Jodie Foster
Robert Duvall
Sean Penn
Sally Field
Helen Hunt
Robert Redford

Daniel Day Lewis
Gary Oldman
My 10 year old neice (she’s been in a few commercials and stars in a professionally made YouTube series for kids)
Alan Rickman
Olivia Coleman
Joe Pesci
Robert De Niro
Marlon Brando
Tom Hanks
All Pacino
Rowan Atkinson

Cary Grant
James Stewart
Katherine Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn
Myrna Loy
Peter Sellers
Chevy Chase (and I see that a lot of people don’t like him, but I do)
Leslie Nielson (but it’s for the same character in multiple films)

Beyond that it’s about 20 actors that could be on the list, but I can’t pick two and not the others.