Actors you seek out

In honor of the thread about actors you avoid (Mr. Hanks, Mr. Cruise your train is leaving the station) - name some actors, mainstream or indie, who you actively seek out in movies. I’m sure someone will say this topic has been done before, but frankly hasn’t all of this board been done before :-)?

Tim Roth
Joaquin Phoenix
Kate Winslet
William H. Macy
Mark Ruffalo

Christopher Walken

Gary Oldman

Kate Mara
Rachel McAdams
Anna Paquin
Sarah Polley

Zach Braff
Donal Logue
Mark Ruffalo
Adam Sandler
Bruce Willis

I wouldn’t say I seek him out, but Chris Cooper has made a lot of movies I enjoy. He has very good taste in selecting scripts, I guess.

Maggie Cheung
Zhang Ziyi
Michelle Yeoh
Gong Li

Neil Dickson
Ron Cook
Kate Hodge
Anton Rodgers

John Cusack
Christopher Walken
Johnny Depp
Peter O’Toole
Peter Riegert
Lili Taylor
Tim Roth
Harvey Keitel
Steve Buscemi
Kevin Smith
Jason Lee

Sam Rockwell

Eric Roberts

Johnny Knoxville

Stacey Dash

Jaime Pressly

Clive Owen

Jason Schwartzman

Adrien Brody
Peter O’Toole

Robert Downey Jr.

Johnny Depp

Richard E. Grant

John Malkovich

Eddie Izzard

Anthony Hopkins

Johnny Depp

Miranda Richardson
Forest Whitaker (this has burned me on occasion, but it’s still worth it)
Ray Winstone

Tim Curry
Harvey Keitel
Steve Buscemi
Alan Rickman

Wow, several of my choices are already listed.

Gary Oldman

Alan Rickman

Christian Bale

Tim Roth

Joe and Ralph Fiennes

Daniel Day-Lewis

Jessica Alba. While I haven’t seen her in any non-sci-fi type stuff, my desire to see them is raised a couple notches merely from her being in them, to the point that I consider seeing movies I would never even think of if she were not in them.

Oh, and I don’t consider her a bad actress: although she won’t win an Academy Award, she has her moments.

Tara Fitzgerald
Johnny Depp