Actors you seek out


Morgan Freeman
John Cusack
Denzel Washington
Johnny Depp
Christopher Walken
Samuel Jackson

Anthony Hopkins
Derek Jacobi
Jim Broadbent
Judi Dench
Alec Guinness
Bette Davis

unmentioned as yet:

Jeff Daniels
Edward Norton
Vincent D’Onofrio

Woody Allen

Another vote for Chris Walken and Tim Roth. i’ll watch them in anything, and not just to check for nude scenes. I swear.

I love to watch him; I think he’s probably the most underappreciated actor working today. :slight_smile:

Denzel Washington
Kevin Spacey
John Cusack
Johnny Depp

Sean Bean.

Clive Owen
Johnny Depp
Cate Blanchett

Sean Bean too…

Paul Reubens

Christopher Lloyd

Bugs Bunny

Edward Norton
John Cusack
Cate Blanchett
Laura Linney
Alan Rickman
Emma Thompson
Kate Winslet

After typing my list I was thinking of the films that have 2 or 3 of these folks in them. The only one I couldn’t pair up with anyone else (without looking it up) is Edward Norton…but wait, wasn’t Laura Linney in Primal Fear? So…how nice of them to show up together

In old 'uns,Burt Lancaster,slightly less old Michael Douglas and nowadays Alan Rickman,Tom Hanks and Jonny Depp.

Cate Blanchett
Tilda Swinton
Lena Headey
Richard E. Grant
Ian McKellen

Johnny Depp – just watched Ed Wood again today :slight_smile:
Jude Law (he’s so damn pretty)

And a bunch of old ones:

Claude Raines
Joseph Cotten
Burt Lancaster
Fredric March
Alan Ladd

Cate Blanchett
Kate Winslet
Gregory Peck
Peter Dinklage

Edward Norton
Jennifer Love Hewitt

For entirely different reasons :slight_smile:

Cary Grant
Tom Hanks

Kevin Kline
Ralph Fiennes
Johnny Depp
William H. Macy