Ad portrays McCain as a computer illiterate...

…and Joe Biden says it’s terrible.

If this is it…

…give it a look and tell us if you think it’s in poor taste or
is “terrinble” in some way.


Unless you can find a better cite with that same ad I’m going to say there is some fakery going on.
Even the normal Obama fonts look off.

No thats the ad, i’ve been watching it on tv a few weeks.

I think it’s intentionally badly produced. That’s er, part of the bit.

I agree with Biden, by the way. It’s not a great ad.

I don’t think it is in poor taste or terrible insofar as being over the top or something.

The issues pointed out are ones McCain admits to. Whether it is an effective ad I don’t know. Not sure being able to send your own email is a requirement for POTUS.

Here’s the version posted by BarackObamadotcom, which is the campaign’s youtube account:

and I’ve seen it on TV.

Biden was asked about the ad on one of the talking heads shows on Sunday. When it was described to him, he said “That’s terrible” and noted that he would not have approved it had he seen it.
Within a couple of hours, there was a press release from the Obama camp saying that Biden had finally seen the ad and that, while it was not good form, No one in the McCain camp, with its Obama wants to teach kindergartners sex ad has any basis to complain.

Is this thread going to be one more dance around the flag pole of “We’re cool; you’re not!” (from both sides)? Or is there actually any substance here?

The point is that it shows McCain’s mind is not in the 21st Century. (And I betcha Biden, who ain’t much younger, could send an e-mail.)

Remember when Bush I was astounded by the UPC scanner in the supermarket, at a time when most Americans had been familiar with that technology for a decade, and it made him look so hopelessly out of touch? It’s like that.

No, to be entirely fair to McCain, that was a trancendent peak of unbelievable cluelessness that few humans could hope to match. Comparatively, being an old guy who predates computers and never really got into them…there’s lots of people like that. (We may not want them running the country, but they are common, unlike Bush-level morons.)

I’m older than McCain. I can send emails and surf the internet adequately.

McCain’s been out of the war and in Congress for many, many years. Where’s his excuse for his illiteracy?

And back to the OP, what’s so bad about the ad?

Lack of interest? Just because you have bothered to acquire and develop a skill doesn’t mean that it’s the default or even expected of your age group.

(And remember, I wasn’t saying computer illiteracy was something to be proud of. I was saying that it wasn’t as bad as ignorance of what a supermarket scanner is. Even if McCain’s ludditistic tendency is bad, you gotta admit it’s not on the same level of obliviousness as that.)

To be fair the scanner Bush was “astounded” by was not a normal scanner. It could weigh items and read damaged lables, functions that were not yet availible in the normal scanner.

Also only the New York Times reported Bush as being “amazed.” Other reporters described him as “polite, but hardly amazed” and “bored.” While Bush may have been helplessly out of touch, it wasn’t demonstrated during the scanner incident.

He’s had secretaries since before the PC was heard of?

There it is.:smiley:

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