Adam and Jamie or Build Team?

Who do you like better, the “original” Mythbusters Adam and Jamie, or the “Build Team,” Kari, Grant, and Tory?

Jamie is a douche and I can’t stand him and Grant and Tory are better looking than Adam and Jamie.

Personally I prefer the build team, because they have more charisma, and not just because of Kari. It’s quite obvious that Adam and Jamie don’t really get along so well, and even if they did, Jamie’s personality (or lack of) is so boring and dry, and as much fun as Adam may be, it just doesn’t make up for Jamie.

The build team OTOH is just so much more… fun. They clearly get along, it seems like they might actually hang out after work, and they have appealing personalities. They all seem like they’d be fun to work and hang out with.

I love 'em both, but I tend to like Adam and Jamie’s segments better because they focus more on the engineering challenges of their particular myth, whereas the Build Team’s segments emphasize wacky hijinks more. Plus I have platonic mancrushes on both Jamie and Adam - unlike friend Inner Stickler, I find Jamie’s brusqueness endlessly charming, and Adam’s just one of my geek heroes in all respects.

And I personally love the dynamic between them. Adam and Jamie clearly get on each others’ nerves, often, but I think there is deep mutual respect between them. IIRC, they’ve said things along the lines of, “We’re not close friends, but there is nobody else each of us would trust more in a crisis,” which IMO comes through in their segments together. They bicker a lot, but it seems like a lot of the most creative results they get come out of that bickering.

Build team, and not just because of my monster crush on Grant :wink:

The Adam and Jamie segments are always Adam being manic and Jamie being stodgy no matter what they’re working on. At least the other three have a wider range of emotions and reactions, and none of them have personalities that overshadow the others.

Adam and Jamie for the show. Kari for everything else.

Build Team. They’re entertainers as well as technicians. Tory, in particular, has a gift for comedy.
Jamie’s gruff, laconic persona bores me. Adam’s manic act gets irritating in more than very small doses.

Jamie and Adam do more science. The Build Team do more slapstick. I like them both.

Adam and Jamie. I used to be a big fan of Kari’s, but now she gets on my nerves. She seems to add little to any conversation but “Yeah! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!”

Grant and Tori are all right, and maybe it’s my age (I’m closer in age to Adam and Jamie than the build team) that I feel more in common with them.

And by the way, I’d rather have Jessi back in place of Kari.

Very well said. There are lots and lots of TV shows that are entertaining because of the charisma of the host(s). That’s not what I want from Mythbusters. I want to learn how stuff works, how they test a myth, and what things surprised them while they were doing it. That seems to be the way Adam and Jaime approach their segments of the show. I’m sure the Build Team know what they’re doing, they just seem less interested in telling me what they’re doing, and why.

Now, if Kari wants to come over and feed me grapes while I watch Adam and Jaime on TV, that could work.

Adam is 44, only three years older than Grant and Tori. Jamie is 55.

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I hated Jessi. She was so fake in her enthusiasm and tried far too hard. I liked the other girl. The one with all the tattoos. She could come back and she doesn’t have to replace anyone.

Scottie? I miss her every time they do a big metal-fab project, because she’s so darn good at it.

I prefer Adam and Jamie. I do think the build team is a bit more fun, but the reason I watch Mythbusters isn’t so much for pure entertainment, but because I like the more rigorous scientific approach and seeing them engineer a cool solution. For the build team, it seems like they do a lot more shooting from the hip and what engineering they do is pretty much just Grant building a robot. I still like seeing their segments, just slightly prefer Adam and Jamie.

Yeah Scottie. There was another girl who I remember as being totally useless and actually crying. Like she didn’t know there’s no crying in Mythbusters.

I vote for “everybody except Adam”.

Adam, Jamie, and Kari.

I settled for Adam & Jamie.