Adblock but getting ads. WTF?

I’ve had Adblock plus on this computer for 3 years now to absolute satisfaction.

Suddenly this week I’m getting ads on You Tube videos.

I have not changed any settings on Adblock nor Firefox. Did the advertisers just figure something out or WTF?

This could be connected to the setting that Adblock Plus has had for a while Allow Non-Intrusive Ads. It’s ticked by default, you need to untick it yourself. This is why I changed to uBlock Origin.

I too use uBlock Origin, yet I really believe the last month or so advertisers have implemented more tricks.

Two weeks ago, after years of silence, I’m getting automatic start on sound and video, not on video sites but mainly political sites, although I have altered about:config etc. etc…
It has been suggested this might be due to HTML5’s ability to play multimedia and the decline of Flash which is what was previously blocked; but I doubt it. HTML5 has been around a few years, and Flash also starts up.

I think they’ve defeated the old ways; and are trying to force us to accept or not visit their pages at all.
Autoplay is so 1990s…

Sites will sometimes update their ad methods to try and get around adblockers. there has been a surge of scripting that will identify if you have an ad blocker and either prevent you from visiting the site or something else to dissuade you from using the blocker on their page. There are filter lists you can subscribe to that will update to stay current with the latest ad methods. Like with anti-virus, it’s an ongoing battle with both sides having to keep up.

There is a new kind of ad that makes it very hard to type this reply. It repeatedly moves me up the page to see their ad. Thanks, Canada Dry, you have permanently alienated a customer.

I don’t like ads, and use an ad blocker.

My daughter owns and runs an ad-supported web site and absolutely hates them.

She describes it as a continual war between ad-blocker software and ad-blocker-blocker software, with the winning side changing on a regular basis.

In my personal experience, the ad blocking side has been winning constantly for years now. But I don’t see the big picture the way a website owner would.