how to stop youtube ads.....

while playing a music video??? This is driving me crazy! Even when I stop it before the music starts, halfway thru the song the movie trailer or whatever starts playing again…anyone know how to disable this obnoxious feature???:mad:

Those ads are embedded into the video itself. I suggest watching music videos on other websites instead.

Ad Muncher. it costs around 20 a year, but to me it’s worth it. It eliminates all the youtube ads, Hulu ads and most other video ads as well. It also blocks all the ads that Adblock Plus does.

Install adblock+. I think it’s available for more browsers, but it certainly works for me on firefox.

And it’s free.

It doesn’t block the youtube ads that the OP mentions.

Weird. I watch youtube all the time and I’ve never seen any ads.

Anyone have a link to a video that has an ad like that?

Exactly what I was thinking too.

I use adblock+ on firefox and have NEVER EVER had to watch an ad on youtube.
I also use the NoScript plugin.

Can’t seem to find a video that has one, but I know I’ve seen them before. Here’s an article about them:

YouTube Embraces Pre-Roll Video Ads

Well, I just played the example in that link, and I got no ad. However, it does say that the ads don’t always appear.

I have never seen a preroll ad except when ABP was off.

Same here.

Me too. I’ve ramped up my youtube usage in the last 6 months, just about every day, and I haven’t seen these. Firefox with APB.

I’ve never seen an ad on Youtube as well. Adblocker on Firefox.

I had no idea they even had ads on Youtube.

Are you sure about Hulu? What does it do? Show a blank screen during the ad or skip ahead?

it replaces the ads with a 2 second clip that just says “Blocked by Ad Muncher”. There a 30 day free trial.

I’ve heard people talk about ads on Youtube. I thought they were banners that ABP blocked. I never knew there were video ads before the video started. That article claims that the ads started about two years ago.

It’s worth it to me too. I even bought a copy for my work computer.