Add a little color and justification

The vb code is set to subsitute any html code you want to assign it, if I get the sites information right. This way you can enable any html coding you wish, but stop unwanted html coding from occuring.

Please add some basic colors for the text, and the codes for left center, and right allignment.

Why? Are you going to make all your posts personal web pages?

Color’s not bad. Nor centering. However, right justified is loathsome, evil, horrible… a bad idea.

That’s because sometimes the page is wider than the screen (in low res and when the formatting is screwed up), and in that case, right justified goes off the screen.

What’s even worse than right justified is allowing more than two font sizes. And you all know who I’m talking about.

And how come bold is not really bold but verdana font?


Please note I did not ask for different font sizes, as this can easily screw up a page.

I asked for colors. It makes things stand out, when you want it to. Just even red available would help. A few basic colors won’t mess up the page format.

Justification allows for allignment on the viewers screen, how the message was meant to be seen, reguardless of the screen size they are using. Centered is centered.