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Okay, I’m just starting to learn HTML and build a website (well, page, for now) without one of those “let’s make it easy for the dumb people” editor things. What none of the sources I’ve been looking at, though, tells me how to change the color of the text I’m working with. I’ve got the background I want, I’ve got the font, size, etc. I want, just not the color. Can you change text color writing HTML, or do I have to do something completely different?

you can control the font size face color and such through the font tags

<font face=“verdana” size=“2” color="#000000"> blah blah blah</font>

color="#000000" can also go as the colour name which in this case would be black

Ah. That seems incredibly simple, I haven’t any idea why it didn’t dawn on me to do that. Wow, do I feel embarassed. Thank you, riko.

I forgot to mention you can also control it through the body tag

<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF" text="#000000" link="#0000CC" vlink="#990066" alink="#000000">

text = the text colour for all the text on that page unless otherwise specified with the font tag

Note that – in an ideal world – HTML is supposed to be for markup only. Formatting and layout stuff, like colors, sizes, and typefaces, should be done with style sheets (or inline styles) instead. The <font> tag is generally frowned upon in this day and age. To wit:

<title>Style Example</title>
<style type=“text/css”>
.fancytext { font-family: “Arial Bold”; font-size: 200%; border: thin green dashed; font-style: bold; color: red; }

<p class=“fancytext”>Don’t use FONT tags, use styles!</p>

Of course, learning style sheets is a fairly big effort in itself, but it pays off in letting you totally revamp the look of your web site – from 1 page to 1,000 pages – just by changing one file.

If you do want to look into CSS, this is a helpful site.

One of the best sites to learn all things HTML and CSS is

CSS Zen Garden is great, but I’m not sure subjecting a newbie to it is wise. :slight_smile:

Another very helpful site that focuses on HTML, but also includes CSS, Javascript, etc.

My website has an HTML tutorial
and if you go to this menu:
you’ll find a menu for font types, font colors and special characters (things like ™).
Please give it a try.

Sorry that tutorial address is:

You are correct, sir. I had somehow managed to forget w3schools, which is odd since I still use their site at least once a week. is also good, and I bought one of their HTML/JavaScript/CSS quick references. I just wish I’d had the sense to buy it when I was still in school.

w3schools was the site I was using, oddly enough. Maybe they did mention changing the font color, and I totally looked over it. I dunno.

That’s the reason I suggested the tutorial on my website. It is very basic and there’s not a whole bunch of links and unrelated items such as the ones found at:
To me, if someone wants to learn HTML, just talk about … HTML !!!
(Instead of starting out by defining a webmaster, the world wide web, etc.)

Yes, that website is a tremendous resource but there are times when you’d just prefer brevity.
I am not knocking that website nor do I think my tutorial is the pinnacle of HTML wisdom. I just feel my tutorial is probably one of the more succinct to be found on the Internet. (In My Humble Opinion). :smiley:
Oh and it’s free and NO advertising.

It’s great in the “Look at how you can totally revamp this web page with one change!” sorta way. I can’t wait for the book.

But yeah, using it as a teaching tool for newbies is like teaching Swimming 101 by throwing someone over Niagara Falls. :smiley:

Okay, this has all been very helpful, but can somebody tell me why this:
<p><a href=">About Us</a></p>
<p><a href=">Recent Playlists</a></p>
<p><a href=">Listen to Past Shows</a></p>

Only gives me two links? (To “Recent Playlists” and “Listen to Past Shows”)

Nevermind that post, I just figured it out. Stupid quotation marks. I can’t believe I overlooked that for so long until I posted it on here.

If you want a website that has the basics of html, well

New question, same topic. I’ve learned out to write a table, now is there any way for me to put three tables side by side without actually making it one big table? If that doesn’t make any sense, visit the link and see if that helps.

Nest the three tables in a larger table of only one row and three columns.

Better yet, use CSS.

Just be aware that you don’t want a horizontal scroll.