CSS: I want to make text different colors, but I'm out of tags!

Hey, so I want to use CSS to change how some of my text is displayed. So I know how to apply it to a tag, such as “P” for Paragraph, but what if I want to have several variants, but don’t have enough tags to do it?

For example, I have text throughout my document that I want to color either red, green, or blue, while bolded. So the first one was easy enough, I simply set it so any bolded text turns red. But what if I want a similar tag for the other two colors? I can’t use “B” again–what else can I do?

(and the H1, H2, etc tags are out, because of the spacing above and below it)

Never mind, I think I figured it out. I forgot I can have different “class” names designated–man it’s been some time since I’ve used CSS.

Feel free to close this topic.