Add a moose

Some professions just provide better messages and conversation starters than others. I’m a writer, currently working on a children’s book set in Yellowstone Park (title: [identifying info deleted - EZ] ). The editor feels that all Yellowstone books have to have a moose.

My daughter walked up to me while I was working last night, and out of the blue started a conversation with, “So, Dad. Have you added a moose yet?”

I don’t know. It just struck me funny. What kind of offbeat messages and conversation starters does your job provide?

Not exactly in the same vein, but I used to have a coworker who’d address you as if he was in the middle of a conversation. I always figured he had a discussion going inhis head, and if you happened along, he’d bring you into it. Quite bizarre.


You must have a moose in your book!

There are bajillions of moose in Yellowstone (and GTNP as well). Besides, moose are so adorable - I sleep with one you know :slight_smile:

I have a few moose photos if you need any, btw, from when I lived in GTNP.

As to the OP: Hubby and I often have conversations like this. Almost as if there is already a dialog going off in our heads and we just ome out with stuff - even if it was something we had talked about at week past.

When is your book out? I’d love to have a copy… perhaps one even signed by the author? :smiley:

In one of my previous jobs (testing software), towards the end I was ‘unscheduled’, that is to say, I was simply told to stress the program any way I could in order to see if it would crash or give unexpected results. On a regular basis, my producer would look in, wince as he’d see what I was doing, and simply say,

“You know, if you’d succeeded in that, I would have just killed you and hidden the body.”

There’s an interesting ‘moose’ near me!

A new bar opened within staggering distance of my house (which means it’s about 3 miles away - I live in a very rural area).

Anyway, they have a stuffed moose head hanging on the wall. It sat there, with a glassy look on it’s face for a couple of days. Then, one day, I walked in and, lo and behold, there was a bra hanging from it’s antler. The next day, there were 4 or 5 of them. Pretty soon, the whole damn moose was covered in ladies’ undergarments, including a thong hanging over it’s snout. I assume the moose is smiling, although, it’s hard to tell. My SO was SO impressed, she actually ran out to buy a bra and panty set so she could take them off and hang them up there.

This is a moose that deserves to be in a children’s book, albeit, one that would probably cause nightmares.

I like moose, and I’m a firm believer that stupid questions deserve saracastic answers. So earlier this week, I could not resist the temptation to answer the (asked by a known trouble maker on another MB with something against Canadians) " Are most Canadians Christians?"

with this answer:

No, Boon, they’re not. Like those of us in New Hampshire and Vermont, most Canadians are Alces Alcesians. Our God is a large Alces alces (the Canadian milliatary rides them into battle instead of horses, you know. Our faith makes them stronger than domestic animals.) and we worship him by donning antlers and furry robes, and dancing around fires. We’re all very strict vegetarians, of course, because, well, we wouldn’t want to make our God unhappy. Once a year his desciple Rocky calls on god’s chosen Alces alces to allow us to ride on their board furry backs as we all quickly migrate to escape the fierce Ursus maritimus who would eat us if given half the change. Yes, our religion is very important to us, but I hear Christianity is nice too.

Unfortunately, instead of realizing he asked a silly question and got a sillier answer, he thanked me for the information no one else would give him. :eek: Isn’t there a thread about ignorance not worth fighting? hmmmmm.