ADD dopers - do you get sleepy when...

You need to do something that you find particularly difficult? A couple of people mentioned this last week, and right now I’m trying to keep from nodding off while I write about how much I am needed by this company that isn’t giving me enough work to keep my busy for 20 hours, much less fourty. Zzzzzzzz…

ding ding ding.

Can’t add anything, but I love the ellipses in the thread title on the MPSIMS page.

No. I get jittery, and if I haven’t accomplished X by bedtime, I stay awake as my mind keeps returning to the thing I’m worried about being too hard so I can think of every possible thing that could go wrong and complicate things.

IANADD AFAIK, but a friend of mine who is, does. We reckon it’s partly an escape mechanism and partly a misapplication of something which under different circumstances does work: it’s as if her brain says “you know what, sometimes I find solutions by ‘taking the pillow’s advice’, so I shall do that!”

One thing I remember reading a long time ago is that when babies have learned too much, they fall asleep, and that’s why they sleep so much. Since the time I am most likely to get sleepy is when I’m trying to learn something, I thought that was the explanation.

Is this really just an ADD thing? I don’t have ADD and find myself getting sleepy when faced with unpleasant tasks or things I’d rather avoid. I think sleepiness and task avoidance are actually fairly common.

I don’t know, that’s kind of why I threw the question out there. Although I need to find a way to compare vs. normal population

I am waving my arm like crazy! ME ME ME ! I always get sleepy when I know I need to do stuff. Especially if I am not in crisis mode. I goes like this:

I need to read 3 chapters in my text book. I have 3 days. Day one - sleep. Day 2- sleep. Day 3 sleep. 6 hours before the test, CRISIS MODE. UP ALL NIGHT AND CAN’T SLEEP!

I posted a poll about this in IMHO, please vote!

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