ADD dopers: what is your hardest control issue?

Or, what do you have the hardest time doing/not doing? I’m going to have to think on mine…

My most difficult control issue is food. Food and money.

My two most difficult control issues are food and money. And managing time.

My three most difficult control issues are . . .

Making myself pay attention to anything.

I’m in a meeting right now, as a matter of fact. I wonder what they’re talking about. Kind of.

Starting, stopping, and doing nothing.

I cannot stand it when I am ready to leave, and my wife says, “…are you ready honey??” and I reply - yep, let’s go and then she proceeds to do something else for 5 minutes while I am standing at the door. Irks me to no end.

So in essence - my biggest issue is when I have to wait around in limbo - either at work or home - when I have nothing to do but wait…Irks me to no end.

So in a nutshell, managing expectations…with anything.

I use Outlook Calendar and my iPhone to manage just about everything else - Oh and auto-pay for bills…awesome!

Procrastination. I actually begin to feel sleepy as a defense against completing tasks that are stress-inducing, or even might be.

Planning anything at all. I am down with actually doing stuff, but to put together a program and schedule of work (and actually stick to it) is like putting pins in my eyes.

And remembering stuff. I’m not very good at that. To clarify, I remember in absolute detail stuff that interests me, and the rest just disappears instantly. Even when I’ve gone “ha ha, I must remember that, and it’s so obvious that I don’t need to write it down - there’s no way I’ll forget that”. Within seconds, it’s gone*.

What do I find it difficult to stop? Posting shit to the internet.

If you haven’t read it before, Zyada you may appreciate this blog post.

*ETA: I make up mnemonics, but I can’t remember them either.

Planning, staying on track, getting things finished.

Actually, getting things started is the hardest. At least for some things.

Prioritizing. I pass the garbage bin on my way to get a snack for the hubby, I’d better take care of that first. It’s that important.


No one expects the Spanish Inquisition, either.

Staying off the internet when I should be working.

Drives me friggin’ nuts! It takes her forever to get in and out of the car too.

I haven’t read that one, but I know enough people who made it into LJ icons that I might as well have read it.

However, Bob read this one to me, starting with “So I got a check in the mail”

This is sooooo me. Especially the part about the “nearest horizontal surface”. I consider it a great accomplishment that I get the keys in the same place 95% of the time. (4 % of the time, they go into the second designated spot, i.e. my purse. The remaining one percent, they could be anywhere at all in my house…)
So I guess this is my weakness - consistency is a challenge, not to mention putting things where they belong.

Prioritizing: I frequently have multiple things that I want to do all at once, and finally deciding if I should do A, B, C, D, E, or F first is very difficult…I get so frustrated I usually end up doing G (G is often playing with the internet or a video game) instead, because it’s hard to settle for doing one of those things at a time rather than all of them at once - my brain insanely insists I really could write a story, listen to an audiobook, do yardwork, and watch a movie all at once if I just tried harder.

If I were to give myself a report card on how I spend my non-work time, I’d score low marks in productivity and goal achieving.

THANK YOU ! Just reading these I cannot stop laughing…I needed that today!

Shit, I’ve got a check I need to deposit!

I’m like this, so I always start getting ready to leave at the last possible minute. Also, I hate getting to places early and having to wait around, which is another reason I tend to leave late. Which usually means I have to rush and get stressed out, but for whatever reason I cannot leave early for anything.

E.g. my train leaves at 9.30am. It takes me 30 mins, or 25 mins if I rush, to cycle to the station. If I just left 10 minutes earlier, I could make my way there in a leisurely fashion instead of arriving in a sweaty panting mess. But no - in the event that I get out of bed early, I will procrastinate, have a long breakfast, surf the internet, watch TV, until the last possible moment, and then rush to get out of the door before 9.05am.

And the thing is, I (almost) never actually miss the train - I take a perverse pride in arriving on the platform just as it is pulling in. See, world? No time wasted! :stuck_out_tongue:

This happens to me, too.


Also completing non-critical tasks.

I had a classic ADD moment this morning. Due to the high pollen counts, I ran out of kleenex both at work and in the car. So last night I took two k’nex boxes and put them on a chair near the back door (that was already stacked with stuff).

Later, I looked at them and thought “I’ll never see them there, I’ll put them on the microwave”

This morning I (amazingly) remembered that I needed to grab the boxes before I left. And looked for them on the chair, asked Bob if he had moved them, and started wandering the house looking for them.

Oh, I could have almost reached the boxes on the microwave from the chair that I had placed the k’nex on originally.