Adding fuel to the debate

Hi, im not a super pro trekkie, but I just can’t help adding a few comments to this.
First of all, The ST universe is FAR more advanced than the SW universe. I realise that this debate is about the enterprise Vs the ISD, but that’s not completely fair, the Voyager or the enterprise could easily be modified to be a fearsome battleship utilizing all of the federation technology. It could be fitted with cloaking devices Nanobot torpedoes even “time distortion torpedoes” to bypass shields as seen in the voyager series. I don’t have the time to justify all my claims with “facts” so I wont.
So remember that just because the Enterprise team I s a bunch of pacifist doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t use ALL the available technology if there in fact where to be a Enterprise/Stardestroyer scenario, so basically Picard or Janeway would kick ass.

Regards Chris

I do believe you meant to post this in an already-established thread, so I’ll lock this off.