Adding kimchi flavor to pickles

If I have a jar of pickles, and add a bunch of kimchi spices to that jar, and allow the pickles to sit in the kimchi spiced pickle juice for some long amount of time, will I end up with reasonably kimchi-y tasting pickles?

I asked my brother (a professional chef). He says that pickles aren’t fermented so at best you’ll get a kimchi-flavored pickle. But of course, that might not be all-that-different. The main problem is that to do it properly you would need to take into account a lot of factors like temperature, the amount of spice, thickness of the pickle, etc. Trial and error might get you there but, quoth him, “He should take a lime, a tablespoon of chili powder, a teaspoon of salt and a cucumber and bury it in his backyard for 5 years. Then, go to the store and buy kimchi cucumbers.”

As a kid, I used to love eating kim chi and dill pickles. I found it tasted best if they were mixed as needed. When left over night, they tasted meh!.

A kimchi flavored pickle is exactly what I was looking for.

Were the difficulties you mentioned difficulties for making kimchi from pickles (not what I was trying to do) or difficulties for making kimchi flavored pickles out of pickles and kimchi spices?

That’s what I thought you were trying to do. If you just want to flavor your pickles, he said to feel free to try and mixing kimchi spices in with pickles in a bowl and see how it is. He recommended trying the ones that have been diced into those flat, disk shapes.

BTW They do make kimchi with cucumbers.

Oh yeah, that’s part of what made me think it was even plausible. What I wanted, though, was a hand held snack food–like a pickle.